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  1. tiagoms

    RMVXA - Skip Movie (cancel Video)

    Hello. I need a script to jump / cancel a video during your playing by pressing a button. example: "Video and reproducing" (1: 00min) 20sec to complete, it is pressed "esc" and the video stops (stop, end) ps sorry for bad English.
  2. tiagoms

    Question of the "Input" for condition.

    Hello. I am struggling to create conditions for the "input". My idea is to use all the keyboard letters, but to create conditions for "When pressed another button besides the determined". use many "or" let the very large code.   Teste 1: Large line Code... Test 2: Fail Could someone...
  3. tiagoms

    TiagoMS - Jump Script (first Script) v1.4a (04.19.2015)

    Script de Pulo (Jump Script) v.1.4a (04.19.2015) (My First Script :D :rock-right: ) Compatible With: RMVXAce Compatible :Nice Facility to use: Easy Lag: Low     Conditions of Use Can be modified, and released, but keep the credits to me thanks. What is the script Add jump...
  4. tiagoms

    (RGSS3 doubts) Problem - My First Script

    Hello, I'm doing a "Jump" script, but I have a problem. Following the script (situation) ==aligned== 1 stone: (-5, -4, -3, -2) 2 stones: (-5, -4, -3) 3 stones: (-5, -4) 4 stones: (-5) 5 stones: (Not Work) ==with spaces== stone, space, stone: (-5, -4) stone, space, stone, space...
  5. tiagoms

    Variable in Script (simple question)

    $game_variables[1] = $game_actors[1].mp works in call per event. But, in script?  what the command?
  6. tiagoms

    Name, Color and Effect Color for TP Bar (Only aesthetics)

    Hello everybody!   I have a bit of difficulty finding a script that works with the aesthetics of the "TP", if possible, would like a script that could: 1 - Remove the TP bar (one or more actors with a "Tag")   Example: Actor 1 = <Remove TP Bar>                   Actor 2 = <ADD TP Bar>   2-...
  7. tiagoms

    Manipulate MP / TP (Add / Remove bars)

    Hello, I identified this script "Alternate MP v1.05" and found it very interesting. link: Script function: Add new bars for consumption (Mana => Rage, Mana, Energy, etc ... etc ..) example: Actor 1 => Mana + TP...
  8. tiagoms

    (Request) Script for move plataform

    Hello guys, I was looking at scripts Victor, and appeared a very interesting "Move Platform". It's a simply fantastic script, however the script of "Pixel movement" is needed, and despite being a great script, and there is great desire on my part to use it, but it generates problem with some...
  9. tiagoms

    (Help) Victor Engine - Pixel Movement (compatibility with scripts)

    Hello fellow. I'm having a compatibility problem with the script of the victor. "Victor Engine - Pixel Movement". The problem exists with: - Galv's Character Effect (Problem with distance in the mirror) - Galv's Effect Region (Problem with Dash and excessive "markings") - Tsukihime - Route...
  10. tiagoms

    (Help) What is the error in this call command? How can I solve?

    What is the error in this command? How can I solve? $game_troop.members[$game_party.battle_members[0].last_target_index] == $game_enemy[2]
  11. tiagoms

    (Help) Scripts Commands.

    Hello everybody. I wonder, how can I make a script called for: 1 - "If the last skill group was performed by Actor X" 2 - "If the last skill group was performed by Actor X, and Y was the Skill" 3 - "If the last skill group was performed by Actor X, and Z was element" 4 - "If the last enemy...
  12. tiagoms

    (HELP!) Problems with Victor Engine ATB Script.

    Hello everyone. I have a problem with the script of Saint Victor (Victor Engine) Active Time Bar. The problem relates to the combined use with a common event or event battle. For this situation, the victor made ​​available to your script a special configuration, but unfortunately led to major...
  13. tiagoms

    Victor Eng Target Arrow + Toggle Target (Request)

    Hello I wonder if someone would scripts: "Victor Eng - Toggle Target" and "Target Arrow". For in Saint Victor site, the link is faulty.
  14. tiagoms

    (Help) Extra stats with base on stats of other actor

    Hello, all right? Well, I wonder how can I make an addition of stats on an actor, and will be based on the stats of another actor? Example: Actor 1 has 100 Defense. "Actor 2 HP Max" = 100 + Def_Actor1/10 "Actor 2 HP Max" = 100 + 100/10 => 100 + 10 = 110 MaxHP How would I do this?
  15. tiagoms

    (request) Correct line 396.

    Hello everybody. I'm using two scripts: Bubble - Blue Magic Victor Eng - State incapacity (of course, your basic module also) Script of the bubble, offers <kill state> command, which is placed in a state. This command will cause: "When applied the state, the actor or enemy will die." Actor...
  16. tiagoms

    (Request) Script to force specific actions in battle.

    Hello I wonder if someone could produce a script to force the "Actor X" use "skill Y" in a "Actor Z". Thanks
  17. tiagoms

    (Doubt) Rgss3 "Ignore collision".

    Hello guys, okay? Well, we know that rpg maker has a system of "collision", which prevents more than one action is performed at the same time, ie, "Actor 2" can only carry out the attack after the actor "X" attack, because he is in the "forward in line." (Normal situation of rmvx Ace) If we...
  18. tiagoms

    ( Doubt RGSS3 ) Help with codes

    Well , I recently had the help of Shiroyasha Masked and about the commands , but some were open. Following the logic :     If the actor X has a greater amount of flowing or equal to Y     !($game_actors[X].mp >= Y)                 If the actor X has a smaller quantity of HP or equal to Y    ...
  19. tiagoms

    (Request) Script amending magic in battle (probability)

    ----English Hello everybody. Look here I am again. Well, I would like a script that: "When hero" Y "to use a skill, has" x% "chance, another skill to be used in its place" example: John uses Fire 1. "Fire 1" has a 40% chance of being is cast "fire 2" in its place (rather than fire1)...
  20. tiagoms

    (Request) Script to force action actor ally

    ---- Português (Meu idioma) (English in down) Olá pessoal. Olha eu mais uma vez =) Bem, desta fez, gostaria de saber se alguém poderia fazer um script em que, quando o Actor 1 use uma habilidade, faça com que o actor 2 e/ou 3 (Linkando) ataque ou use uma habilidade em especifica (um de cada...

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