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  1. Gabenslair

    Yanfly post-itchio Plugin Purchase Legality conundrum.

    I've recently noticed that Yanfly has placed most of her plugin's for purchase, which they were free beforehand. Not that I am criticising them for this, as many others have dealt with this issue, My main issue is that i've downloaded some of ther plugins before she put them up for sale, so by...
  2. Gabenslair

    Parallax Scrolling Adjusted to Parallax image size and Screen Resolution

    To clarify, in VX, there is a special type of parallax scrolling in VX when it comes to parallaxes larger than the screen. That being that it scrolls relative enough that you can reach both of its edges no matter how big it was, even if it was something beyond 4k. As long as the map itself is...
  3. Gabenslair

    Skills that temporarliy change the enemy's sprite while performing them

    While possible to imitate using some sort of common event that changes the enemy to another identical enemy for a second, I want something that changes the enemies sprite as the animation is being played. This would be so that the skills seem more "engaging" and "dynamic"
  4. Gabenslair

    Elderscrolls-esque Stat Debuff/Restore

    In the older elderscrolls games (for example morrowind), your level's stats are more like max caps for your actual stats, as they could be left drained out from a disease and left like that until you cast a spell or drink a potion that restores it back. Thank you.
  5. Gabenslair

    Looking for a certain plugin involving MP magic

    There was a certain plugin which made MP more "exclusive" to certain spells, like ice spells having their own sub MP costs and fire having their own, and vice versa, but i couldn't find it.
  6. Gabenslair

    How can I minimize Yanfly's Battle Engine Core's Buffer/Delay (MV)

    Good day period. Ever since I first tried it, I have always had an aversion to Yanfly's MV Battle Engine Core due to the buffer that it gives me. Whenever a person goes to initiate a skill, it has this 1-2 second buffer before it actually initiates the animation and effect. Compare it to...
  7. Gabenslair

    Alternate of leveling up stat boosts.

    In base RPG MAKER, whenever you level up, you get an automated stat boost from predetermined stat boosts. Does any plugin out there alter this so that there is a more variable version of this? Bonus points for: Multiple "levels" with their own "exp" you get that have their own stat...
  8. Gabenslair

    Script belonging to Dead Dropbox link (NoBattleLog) Is there a way to acquire this script from this drop box link above? I think it was made from somebody named "Kread-Ex" but I found it in Archeia's website.
  9. Gabenslair

    Any Alternatives to the Input Skill combo Chain script for MV

    Given that the most prominent plugin request for said ace script had alot of controversy, I wanted to see if there were any alternative ways I can replicate that endorphin rushing satisfaction of attacking enemies. If you want to ask, I am planning to try out making a short LISA-eque test demo...
  10. Gabenslair

    States that alter Enemy skill effects entirely

    Is there a plugin that has a characters state alter specific skills applied to them? I know Yanfly's auto passive state plugin with lunatic scripting can help me change some skill effects in general terms (healing items do damage, any offensive attack makes target gain health, ect.), but as far...
  11. Gabenslair

    DnD styled Wizards in RPG maker

    In contrast to common RPG's method for "this magic skill uses up your manapoints but you can cast it freely", Dungeons and Dragon's wizards have access to a wide variety of spells they can use, but can only "remember" some spells, some able to remember a spell twice (dont think hard about it)...
  12. Gabenslair

    Status effects that alters enemy's skill effects on character

    I have ideas for some status effects that makes some enemies' skills have a different effect on the player. For example, Say my character has no status effects and the enemy casts a spell called "cardiac arrest", a scare-based attack. This skill won't affect the character much if give the...
  13. Gabenslair

    Any Plugins/methods to disable The Tint during battle sessions?

    There was script made for rpg maker vx ace that disables the tint exclusively to battle screens, yet the creator hasnt logged back in since 2012. What is the best method/plugin to handle this issue?
  14. Gabenslair

    More MP/TP esqe Bars? (like the bars that you use to cast spells/skills)

    I had a good search with "RPG MAKER MV PLUGIN EXTRA MANA BARS AND PARAMETERS" to no good results, so I feel confident that I should request a plugin that could find this. You know the 3 bars in battle screens that says HP, MP, and TP? Focusing on the MP and TP, I wanted to see what plugin is...

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