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  1. nerochepiace

    Csk Class Name Change

    Class Name Change 1.0 by Ceschi IntroductionThis plugin change the name of the class for an actor, allowing to use the same class for different actor but displaying a different name. When I was using Yanfly's plugin for Changing Class
  2. nerochepiace

    Change Class Name Request

    Hello to all. I wanted to ask if possible a plugin (or another way...) to change a class name depending on the actor using it. Obviously, that will need to work with a change class feature (I use Yanfly's BTW). Is possible a way to add a note to actor notetag to changing only for that...
  3. nerochepiace

    Yanfly AutoPassive State Help

    Hello to all! I have a little question about Yanfly AutoPassive State Help (Yep 13) plugin. I want use a //<Passive Condition: HP Below x%> tag, to make pop in effect a state when the HP of a Actor will drop below x. But, when the HP go up again, the state disappear. Normally that will...
  4. nerochepiace

    Equip Skill for Actor Notetag

    What I really want is an add-on for YEP.90 – Equip Battle Skills – RPG Maker MV. In that plugin is possible to make a skill that can be equipped for battle.  The problem is that the tag used CAN ONLY be put on the class notetag. My need is that it must be done even from the ACTOR...
  5. nerochepiace

    Yanfly Row FOrmation Question

    I'm trying to create a combat system using some of the Yanfly's plugin: YEP.38 – Battle System – Charge Turn Battle YEP.54 – Row Formation YEP.15 – Base Troop...
  6. nerochepiace

    More required weapon for skill

    Someone can tell me if exist a way to put more required weapon to use a skill? Exemple: I make a skill and I want that can be used ONLY if the user equip a bow, a crossbow or a gun. But with MV i can select only two. Some help? Thank you in advance.
  7. nerochepiace

    Secret Door and Trap Finding by Skill

    Hello to everyone! I wanted if is possible to make the following things: Check for an event that trigger IF someone in the party has a particular skill. I cannot know WHO (actor) and WHEN (level) the skill will be get. The vanilla rpg maker make me check for ITEM and ACTOR, but not for...
  8. nerochepiace

    Equip with Skill

    Hello to everyone! I wanted to ask if is possible to have a skill that give an actor the ability of equip a weapon, like FF5. (using Obv Yanfly ClassChange Plugin)
  9. nerochepiace

    Status check for Yanfly Skill Core

    Hello to all! I'm new to RPG Maker MV. But I have a problem using lunatic mode in Skill Core Yanfly's Plugin (unexpected...). I whant a skill that can be ONLY used when the user is in state 13. <Custom Requirement> user.states().contains(13) ?true :false </Custom Requirement> The problem...
  10. nerochepiace

    Strange Behavior

    Hello everyone! I'm new with Rpg Maker MV, but i'have seen a strange behavior... When i press the CTRL key, the actors can enter in unpassable tiles. I have made the check from all the directions, even in a world map. Evn tried to create a new project from scratch, just to be sure I'have not...

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