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  1. takashi1kun

    AitorEngine- Grid Inventory System

    UPDATE: Still too WIP to provide js plugin to test, sorry Sorry for my bad english, not used to write not programming things in it Features(on relase): -Grid Inventory -A very Useful scene whit inventory, equipment, actors state -You can drag consumable items to actors to use on that...
  2. takashi1kun

    LvL Stop

    This plugin make one thing, stop the system from leveling up the player when the xp reaches the level required xp, also stop gain xp, also let you check if the player have all the xp, to level up it manually. how to use it? thats your decision to check if has all the...
  3. takashi1kun

    Diagonal Sprite Editing

    I seen this tutorial  for the 32*32 vx ace editing of sprite to do diagonal sprite and i wonder if exist a similar way to do it whit the 48*48 rpg maker mv sprites, i tried to do what tutorial say whit the sprites and didnt seems to work, whit 48*48 all ends in a mess
  4. takashi1kun

    Trick for larger script box

    Kay i discover a trick to have a endless script box space, i know it is made for amll things, but sometimes you can have a piece of code that is too small to have the annoyance of make a plugin only to that, soo, there is the solution, a unlimited script box. This trick doesn't actually makes...
  5. takashi1kun

    SOLVED Help find property of objects in array

    Im doing some event whit script in mv and i'm having such a problem: I need a way to issolate the values of a concrete property of all objects inside a new array, i mean for this array [ object{ id:1 name:blalba }, object{ id:34 name:blalba }, object{ id:6789 name:blalba } ] Its...
  6. takashi1kun

    WebBrowser InGame

    Hello, first sorry for my bad english, this more than a plugin is a implementation of this: to rpg maker, sience it have a free licence to modify distribute etc... im going to adapt it to rpg maker mv Why im going to put html in my game? for example you...
  7. takashi1kun

    Kaneki-like mask for character creator MV

    Because a need in my project i made this mask, and sience i'm a good person i want to share whit the world, you can use it freely non-comercial or comercial, just make a mention to me if you use it: Sprite SV Sprite Full Mask face Mask to wear whit front hair If you know how to add it to...

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