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  1. potatocat

    Doom at the gates of Hell a fangame made in rpgmaker xp and fple

    I would love to beta test this.
  2. potatocat

    I wish my friends would gift me RPG Maker VX Ace resources, xDDD

    I wish my friends would gift me RPG Maker VX Ace resources, xDDD
  3. potatocat


    Though my questions weren't actually answered, thank you to all the people who responded.
  4. potatocat

    Silver Town (Final Version)

    I got dibs on first test! :D Btw, I'm not very good at RPGM or art in general, but if you need any help, I wouldn't mind lending a hand where necessary. EDIT: Btw, I stole your sig because I support you~!
  5. potatocat

    Silver Town (Final Version)

    Aw. Okay. Congrats on the new house! I need to get me one of those.
  6. potatocat

    Silver Town (Final Version)

    Hoihoi Paladin, I too would like to play the new versions, let me alpha test too please~
  7. potatocat

    Games you hate, yet everyone else cherishes.

    As someone who plays a **** ton of TTRPGs/PnPs (as well as GMs), a bad GM is one who does things arbitrarily and without reason, making up things to harass players (IE: Rocks fall, everyone dies, GMPC Mary Sue, setting ridiculously high target numbers for simple tasks, setting high CR mobs in...
  8. potatocat

    You have VX Ace on your xbox...?

    You have VX Ace on your xbox...?
  9. potatocat


    Well the system that I'd like to base it off of is a homebrew retroclone that a friend and I came up with.
  10. potatocat


    I think you misunderstand, the game itself will be done in the RPGMVXA format (Singleplayer, AdventureRPG), but I'd like to tweak the mechanics of it so that the rules the game uses would be inspired by TTPRGs. 
  11. potatocat


    I'm not sure if this is the right place, but, I'd like to go about creating a game based on a tabletop roleplaying game in regards to mechanics, how would I go about accomplishing this? Things like dice rolls, an alignment system, attributes as opposed to the default 'stats', implementing races...
  12. potatocat

    All about Pen & Paper rpgs and their relation to video games.

    lel eye m gameing eleetist pls 2 b ignor money > free havng opnion bad 4 soshul hp
  13. potatocat


    Thank you! :D
  14. potatocat

    Silver Town (Final Version)

    Reward people who gave critical feedback with little Easter eggs/NPCs that mirror them and their messages.     What cannot yet be determined:   [/SPOILER] Willard is a one man army.  (His damage is a little too high due to being extremely versatile from staves.   Shade is overpowered...
  15. potatocat


  16. potatocat


  17. potatocat

    The end of the Witch of Lorven

    B-b-but... I'm the potato...
  18. potatocat

    Silver Town (Final Version)

    Lel. Indeed this thread was found through you, but it's the D&D-esque content that made me check it out.
  19. potatocat

    Silver Town (Final Version)

     Lamia will just need to tone it down a little is all.  The majority of people feel the same about the signs, and I will be eventing in to the boarder edges something that will prompt a choice rather than having to interact with a sign post.  This should be too difficult to do. Skipping text is...
  20. potatocat

    Silver Town (Final Version)

    Pros: I love tabletops, D&D is very much one of my favorites, and the game that spawned practically every RPG ever. The meta-humor is perfect. It sounds just like a real party - doing a real campaign. The maps were designed in such a way that they did not feel overly cluttered, nor exceedingly...

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