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  1. unagiootoro

    Quest syste plugin

    It is a plugin that introduces the quest system. You will be able to easily create a quest system in which you receive a quest at the request office, receive a reward when you complete the quest, and so on. 【Download link】 You can download the plug-in itself from the link below...
  2. unagiootoro

    RMMZ Skill tree plugin for MZ

    This plugin is a skill tree plugin that supports both RPG Maker MV and MZ published in the Japanese RPG Maker forum. This plugin is an English translation of the plugin help. Maybe I think the help translated in English isn't enough to explain. Therefore, we will improve the accuracy of English...
  3. unagiootoro

    Hello from Japan

    Hi, everyone. I making a short story rpg by RMMV. And, I publish the plugin material on Japanese forum and Github. Currently, my plugin supports only Japanese, but I would like to support English from RMMZ. I'm not good at English, but I'll do my best.

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