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  1. Ship passability

    #2 works currently. I just wrote it to clarify that I want it to stay that way while changing the first behavior. Where are these behavior defined? Can I just directly edit the default behavior in Game_Interpreter or something like that? Thanks!
  2. Ship passability

    Hi all! I want to control boat and ship passability more precisely. How can I achieve the following: Make the whirlpool and deep ocean passable by the ship, but not shallow ocean Make shallow ocean passable by the boat, but not the deep ocean Thanks!
  3. Need to find iconset's creator

    It doesn't appear to be the work of a single artist. The site likely just stole a bunch of people's work without crediting them. Maybe I'm wrong though.
  4. How can I efficiently check for completion of long term goals?

    Thanks for the replies. I have a strong preference to show the goals have been completed at the exact moment they're accomplished. Common events do work, so maybe I'm being to fussy. :)
  5. How can I efficiently check for completion of long term goals?

    When the player achieves certain goals, I add items to his inventory. What is the most efficient way to check completion of goals that could be completed at any time? Here are some examples: Specified character reaches level 25 Specified character learns 10th spell Equip a specified character...
  6. I'm back!

    I'm back!
  7. Automatic Boat Call

    This is really great. I've been waiting for something like this for awhile! One bug, though: When you get off the boat and attempt to directly walk back into the river, the boat reappears, but the player does not embark. If you can fix that, it's gold! :) Thanks for the original script BigEd...
  8. FxFyX LFX

    Yea, thanks. I should've updated my post. I found it like 3 minutes after I asked! :)
  9. FxFyX LFX

    Does this run on Ace?
  10. unless it's too much progress... ;)

    unless it's too much progress... ;)
  11. The First Rebellion - [Updated 12/5/2014]

    Your condition is incorrect. Instead, check if variable 150 is equal to the ID of the Old Key.
  12. The First Rebellion - [Updated 12/5/2014]

    I took a glance at the game. I'm working on my own, so I didn't play through very long, but here's just a few notes: I missed half of the dialogue because my habit is to hold down the dash button, which you let skip dialogues. Shutdown and Go to Title Screen are in "Settings". Maybe it's just...
  13. The First Rebellion - [Updated 12/5/2014]

    Much better. I really like your mapping. Tilesets are lovely. Who drew the title screen? I find it a bit strange all your characters have the same face shape, but that fact wouldn't exactly cause me to turn the game off... On the whole, the screenshots imply a game crafted with care. Good job!
  14. The First Rebellion - [Updated 12/5/2014]

    Just judging by the screenshots, I like what I see with your mapping, and I especially like your equip interface (how'd you get/do that?) EDIT: Oh, I see: However, I think it's a bit much to ask your players to read the...
  15. How can I play a repeating sound when party HP low?

    I just tested it and it works. Thanks! All solved!
  16. How can I play a repeating sound when party HP low?

    @MagicMagor, now that I think about it, I'd be happy if the common event would execute when the party leader is below 20% of his/her MaxHP. That would eliminate the need to check for additional party members and streamline the script. So, let me see if I understand properly. Let's say I want...
  17. How can I play a repeating sound when party HP low?

    @MagicMagor: Thanks for your reply! Unfortunately, I don't know how to dynamically grab member#X HP. The party is always made up of four or fewer members, but from a larger pool. When setting a variable to Game data, there are only options for specific actor HPs, without the option to choose by...
  18. Gamepad on playtest trouble

    Is your controller compatible with your version of Windows? Are the drivers installed? Have you tried unplugging them and replugging them? Have you tried restarting your computer? Does Windows "see" the controllers when they're plugged in? Are they wireless? If so, have you tested the...
  19. How can I disable poison slip damage on certain maps?

    Yep. I wasn't smart enough to understand this when I first read it, but it's the right answer. Thanks Hesufo! Edit: If this is necroposting/against the rules, I'm sorry, but this topic is solved. I just didn't know it back in May.
  20. How can I play a repeating sound when party HP low?

    I lost track of this thread. Sorry and thanks Necromus! If I may, I have one further question here: How can I make it so it's not tied to a particular party member's HP? I'd like to run the common event it if the PARTY has a total HP of less than 20%. Thanks!

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