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  1. harmonic

    Ancient Dungeons: Winter

    This is freakin' amazing. One of the best tileset packs out there.
  2. harmonic

    Game & Map Screenshots 9

    Liking the clean colorful style, @Celianna !
  3. harmonic

    Hello, sorry about the private vid for the music pack. It's been fixed now

    Hello, sorry about the private vid for the music pack. It's been fixed now
  4. harmonic

    Quick regeneration vs. resource management in RPG's

    We actually struggled on this one with Echoes of Aetheria, and settled on auto-heal after battles, for the purposes of quality of life. Also, it's easy to get away with that in Echoes because there is no "MP", only shared TP. That said, that forced us to ramp up the difficulty - Hard is...
  5. harmonic

    Echoes of Aetheria

    Thank you Dexni!
  6. harmonic

    The "Best" RPG Maker Game?

    Hello. I just wanted to express how great it is to see folks here enjoyed Skyborn. :) ...I visit like once a year so I miss out on these things as they happen.
  7. harmonic

    Echoes of Aetheria

    I hope so too!  :)
  8. harmonic

    Echoes of Aetheria

    Not to be a poo poo, but there was crowd funding for this game? Where at?  In regards to your other questions, it's *kinda* the same world as Skyborn. Same geography and civilization style. But it's not the same canon if you catch my drift.  Our platformer (Also Mithran's) was put on...
  9. harmonic

    Harmonic Fantasy, Tyler Warren Battlers and more!

    Is he really stuck? Is that like a metaphor for being a domesticated man?   :P It's been a while since I've been inside the mind of those characters, but Carrion would be more than happy at that point to put down the sword for good and just take it easy.  B)
  10. harmonic

    Harmonic Fantasy, Tyler Warren Battlers and more!

    Haha, actually, different person. Though, the co-creator of Skyborn is also completely awesome. And yes, we will be revisiting the world for a sequel! :)
  11. harmonic

    Harmonic Fantasy, Tyler Warren Battlers and more!

    :rock-left:   :)   :rock-right: Truly. That makes my day. Thank you! The person I admire most - my fiancee. She is the most morally and emotionally strong person I've ever associated with. An endless source of wisdom and joy. It has been a bit humbling, but quite an opportunity for my own...
  12. harmonic

    Harmonic Fantasy, Tyler Warren Battlers and more!

    That is high praise! Thank you :)
  13. harmonic

    The Mute Protagonist...

    There's an important distinction between the way Remnants of Isolation and Chrono Trigger handle mute protagonists. CT is a legendary game no doubt, but Remnants handles it better. Her muteness is actually tied into the narrative. It is both part of her character, and an important component of...
  14. harmonic

    Help with looping Music in VX Ace

    Hello Sampsonj, That blip in Audacity is better than it was before, but it's still there. However truth be told, any sudden, "unnatural" change in amplitude will create some form of unpleasurable noise when looping. Here's how I do it with Audacity: Here's the overall waveform, and the...

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