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  1. alice_gristle

    RMMV Metamorphosis Fanclub

    Corporate seraphs and "I miss eating food"? Aaaaaawesome. :biggrin:
  2. alice_gristle

    What do you call baby dragons?

    Dragonling? Dragonspawn? I also like "Baby Dragon", it'd make me feel real creepy killing 'em! :biggrin:
  3. alice_gristle

    Drawing using mouse+keyboard (no Drawing Pad)

    Ya, don't worry about it! :biggrin: More important than tools is yo skills. Like think about a knife fight? Instead of fretting over what kinda knife to bring, it's far better to train lots with what you have!
  4. alice_gristle

    RMVXA tactics ogre the knight of lodis Emblems System Idea

    Oh, I adore The Knight of Lodis system! It was so cool getting all kinds of weird emblems with weird prerequisites... Also, I seem to remember that many of them actually did nothing? Like that angel wings emblem, that allowed your guys to become angel knights? I don't ever recall having much use...
  5. alice_gristle

    A Question of Reinforcements during Battles

    If I remember right, Romancing SaGa 3 did that economy part, like, you taxed your subjects and developed your army with the funds. Then in the actual battles you had different units, like foot soldiers and cavalry, and you arranged them in a formation... then it played out somehow...
  6. alice_gristle

    A Question of Reinforcements during Battles

    Didja ever play Romancing SaGa 3? If you chose that blond dude as a main character, you'd get to engage in a war scenario. Might be worth checking out? It was pretty cool, if memory serves, although I totally sucked in it...
  7. alice_gristle

    Satoya's Artwork

    Hey, also, have I told you how mesmerising it is to look at that tree? I really love trees, but I feel they're hard to do well. I'm not 100% sold on your tree, it smacks maybe a bit too much of pixel porridge, but it's still somehow really mesmerising! Feels like I could just stare at it for...
  8. alice_gristle

    Does anyone know of any open world Final Fantasy like games made with RPG maker?

    @eluukkanen is making something called Final Fallacy, mebbe check it out?
  9. alice_gristle

    What to do before you make your RPG

    Yo guys, I like this thread! Y'all makin' me feel like I can actually do this thing! :biggrin:
  10. alice_gristle

    RMVXA One Slice Hero + Isekai Ideas

    Oh, yay! A much better title! Also, GB aesthetics extra yay! Can't wait for screenshots! :biggrin: Oh, okay. I'm in favour of the sword idea, but I guess you can make the innate ability angle work, too. Have you thought about why he's got it?
  11. alice_gristle

    RMVXA One Slice Hero + Isekai Ideas

    Slice makes me think of pie, so the first time I saw this title, I was like, "Wow, a baking game!" :biggrin: Uh, anyway... I like this angle, but just to clarify: is Gamma's one-hit KO power due to his sword, or due to some kinda innate ability he has? Because I like the former idea a lot...
  12. alice_gristle

    Creative Inn/Tavern Idea?

    I think it's a cool idea. It reminds me of Casanova's memoirs, where he rented a room at an inn to play his weird con, fooling an elderly madame that she was about to be resurrected in the body of a young boy... Soo, in that vein, I guess you could use inns as more central backdrops for all...
  13. alice_gristle

    Emotional Responses

    Oh yeah, that reminded me! I cried in Bastion, just once. Toward the end of the game, when you hear the girl's voice, I just... that just, I just broke down there. Don't even remember what she was sayin', just hearing her voice was too much for me. And I'm fairly sure not everyone is gonna tear...
  14. alice_gristle

    RMMV Songbirds, a bird based RPG

    Okay, I get that. I still think it's super creepy, though. :biggrin: I mean, all other birds get people status, so why not ostriches? In our world, the only mammals who get people status are homo sapiens. Not even Bonobos are "people", they're just animals to most. (Which is super unfair, too.)...
  15. alice_gristle

    RMMV Songbirds, a bird based RPG

    Looks great, I love the bird angle! Tobias looks too cool for words. :biggrin: If the people are birds, though, why are ostriches treated as pets? That seems super creepy. Also if the player characters are birds, wouldn't it be cooler if you could just fly from place to place? That'd be a nice...
  16. alice_gristle


    Is there a way to beat the Prowler in the demo? I guess I need that petrification resistance Woodrow was talking about, but I haven't found it yet. Also, have I told you how awesome it is that one of your elemental types is salt? 'Cause it's very awesome. :biggrin:
  17. alice_gristle

    RMXP Legends of Astravia

    This game looks super hot, kudos to y'all! Let us know when you got something playable online again, I wanna give it a spin!
  18. alice_gristle

    POLL: What kind of status HUD do you prefer?

    I like it big, blocky, and preferably black. And it needs to eat up at least one third of the screen. :biggrin:
  19. alice_gristle

    What do you prefer for world maps?

    At the moment, I'm all for big, semi-open maps in the style of Final Fantasy II (NES). The kind where you can just wander off to the north and there's jack all there, just big grimy marshes where you can fight ogre mages and adamantium turtles. :biggrin: I dunno what it is, maybe it's the...
  20. alice_gristle

    RMVXA games art

    I'm not usually big on art that looks like it's on ayahuasca, but this is actually growing on me. Pretty cool. :biggrin: I like the tower, and I love the fuzzy painting. Games should totally have more paintings in them. Not sure about the font... M-letter looks super confusing. Otherwise, cool...

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