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  1. Capitán

    Save Data Corruption

    Before I get into this I would like to preface by saying this is not a save editing question I am working on a system for my game and it needs a bit of save data manipulation, When I open a .rpgsave file it is filled with letters that mean nothing to me, when I copy the contents of that file...
  2. Capitán

    RMMV Yanfly Item Core Instanced Weapons Break Item Type Detection

    Yanfly Item Core Instanced Weapons Break Item Type Detection, When using Yanfly Item Core's feature to give weapons, armor and item a limit and making them independent, the DataManager.isItem(); DataManager.isWeapon(); DataManager.isArmor(); functions no longer work properly. When either of...
  3. Capitán

    RMMV Appending text to a window with scroll

    Ok, the title may be a bit confusing but I could not find a better way to summarize my issue. So I have a window that periodically gets text added to it, when new text is added the old text is pushed up vertically by a fixed amount, (this is the first problem) I do not want the text to...
  4. Capitán

    Engine saying weapon isn't equipped when it is...

    I run this during my battle script and it's giving me false console.log($gameParty.isAnyMemberEquipped($dataWeapons[weaponId])); the weaponID variable is set to 6 and I make sure that the weapon is equipped during the battle test, yet it still returns false. I decided to do a deeper dive and...
  5. Capitán

    Item Rarity

    Synopsis This plug in adds properties to items of a certain rarity. Features Up to 8 different rarities Each item gets a color as per rarity Adds rarity to item description MORE COMING SOON! Parameters How to use: Add the following note tags into the note box of an item, weapon, or armor...
  6. Capitán

    Regenerative Armor

    Synopsis Very simple plugin that allows armor to have the ability to passively heal a party member while walking. Requested by a user. Plugin: Download RegenerativeArmor.js How to Use: In your Armor notetag add <Regen:x> where x is true or false, if x is true then when this armor is...
  7. Capitán

    What features would you like to see in an "online" RPG Maker game?

    I am currently developing a "multiplayer" game in RPG Maker MV i use the term multiplayer loosely because you won't necessarily have direct interaction with other players. I've already implemented some features and working on others(like a pvp like system that I am excited about), so aside from...
  8. Capitán

    Dynamically get id of items

    I have a for loop that pushes the ids of the items in the array into a new array, however Ruby is different from JavaScript and I can't seem to figure out how to accomplish this, here's how i did it in ruby: for items_array.each do |i| new_array.push($data_items[i].id) end what is the...
  9. Capitán

    Completely close scene

    So basically i have Scene_Shop and I was wondering if there is a way to completely end the scene instead of it just hiding. I have this issue because external forces changes the contents of the scene and it doesn't update until the scene is completely restarted. Thank You.
  10. Capitán

    Grouping items in shop

    Let's say i have multiple items in a shop processing scene like so, Does anyone know of a method to group them together so instead of four potions it only shows one of them even though there are 4 in the shop?
  11. Capitán

    Dungeon Dodgers - Immerse yourself in connected adventures

    Dungeon Dodgers is a unique RPG Maker Game being created in RPG Maker MV. The player assembles their team of characters and conquers dungeons. The players compete against other players around the world in leagues to become the top dungeon dodger. Each player creates their...
  12. Capitán

    Transfer player on game start

    Is there a method that when the game starts that it transfers the player to a certain location rather they load a save or not? For example, I save my game on a map, close it, open the game again, I load my save but instead of being on the map that I saved on I am on a predefined map.
  13. Capitán

    Bazaar System

    What do you guys think about a Bazaar system instead of like regular shops. A bazaar system in which players sell items to the vendor and all players can buy the items, like a multiplayer marketplace. This can be achieved with moderate difficulty, in fact I'm writing such a system using the...
  14. Capitán

    Common Event not starting

    I have set up a simple web system were the game pulls a version number from the server, How it works: Game retrieves the version number from the servers rb file version.rb which contains the following code: $server_version = 0.1 Then it evals the version.rb file to inster the global...
  15. Capitán

    Agon (Recruitment)

    Agon What is Agon? Agon is a non-profit organization, or team, aimed at creating quality RPG Maker games. What do we need? We are recruiting many members to the Agon team, specifically these roles: Senior/Lead Designer Current - 1 This is a very important role, this person...
  16. Capitán

    Updating a Hash inside a module inside of array

    From the title, you may be confused, Basically I have something like this: module Example ExampleArray = ExampleArray[0] = { "ExampleKey" => ["Stuff", "Stuff"] } ExampleArray[1] = { "ExampleKey2" => ["Things", "Things"] } end How do I go about...
  17. Capitán

    String to array

    I request the help of this community on how to properly convert a string into an array, A bunch of confusing code that ultimately returns a variable named team from the server, inside this team variable is the value:  "[9, 27, 32, 112, 4]" I need this turned into the array [9, 27, 32...
  18. Capitán

    Timed Trial

    Synopsis  A while ago, With the aid of @Galenmereth I created something like this for Ace. Here's the MV port, with more features. Very simple plugin that lets the player play for a limited amount of time, then closes the game. With parameters for customization. Useful for demos and such...
  19. Capitán

    Stop BGM on Minimize

    Synopsis  Someone on rpgmakercentral requested this. Very simple plugin that mutes the BGM on window minimize and plays the music when window is reopened.   Updates: Plugin: Download MuteMinimize.js   How to Use: Plug N' Play, 1 Parameter, BGM Fade out frames. Usage Feel...
  20. Capitán


    Synopsis   I made this because I needed this. This snippet gives functions to detect the user's browser or operating system.  Detectable Browsers are: Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge, and Safari. Detectable Operating systems are Linux, Unix, Windows and Mac...

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