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  1. Earthtian

    Galvs Region effects compatible with Victor Sant Pixel movement :D

    HIYA :D I was wondering if anyone could make galvs region effect script compatible with Victor Sants Pixel movement script.  When the both of them are together you get spasms of the region effect which is very loud and crazy :P Hope someone can do this ! :D Earthtian 
  2. Earthtian

    DasMoony Parallax problem

    Hello, I am having some troubles with the Das Moony Liquid parallax script and I am hoping asking about it here will help me out for my top layer, I had the trees and the sky background.  When the sky is visible (meaning in photoshop) and I save it, it comes out cutting some of the trees.  If...
  3. Earthtian

    The coolest and most fantastical Titlescreen ever made!

    I want a titlescreen that is animated but beautiful.  I want it to have some elements from moghunters title like the particles and the commands (how they are positioned and such)  and hanzo kimuras title (like the games name animation how it will stay put but after a bit it will kinda do an...
  4. Earthtian

    Dark character bust

    So I decided to edit some things and create this dark character. Use it for whatever you want just give creds :D Link to the pic: ENJOY! Credits to me, and rpgmaker...and photoshop XD
  5. Earthtian

    ---When did you use your first computer?---

    When was the first time you laid your hands on the keyboard, put your hand on the mouse and used a computer? just figured I would ask that question! The first time I used one was at the age of 5 and Windows XP was not even a year old :guffaw:  .  I played pokemon sapphire with an emulator and...
  6. Earthtian

    Statues of awesome XD

    Hello another resource request from me (gotta start learning to make my own tiles :P ) But I was wondering if anyone could point me in the right direction for some fantasy styled statues, I like the ones from the rtp but they are not big enough for a map I'm doing. Any kind of statue would be...
  7. Earthtian

    Airship and others (FF9 kind)

    Hello! Well I need another few resources (hope I don't get in trouble for this) Have you ever played Final Fantasy 9? well if you have then you will know what I'm talking about but if not then thats too bad.  In FF9 there was an airship (like a pirate ship with wings) I want some tiles for...
  8. Earthtian

    Change fonts (I'm such a noob)

    Oh man....sorry for this nooby question.  How can I change the font the game uses? I know its possible but I can't find where anyone has talked about this.  I would like this a lot so if you help THANKS!
  9. Earthtian


    HEYO So I am trying to create a necromancer for my game Soul Sanctum, however I just can't get a necromancer that looks right. So I figured ASK FOR HELP!!! Any help is appreciated. or if you make one specifically for this thread then  5 STARS TO YOU! Earthtian.
  10. Earthtian

    Random Character

    HELLO! Earthtian here bringing a small face set for a new character in your rpg maker games or whatever, Please give credit if used and enjoy it!!! If you would like more like these let me know!! :rock-left:  Earthtian :rock-right:  
  11. Earthtian

    So......... hello.

    HELLO THERE :D   :D   :D   My Developer name and Name on the internet is Earthtian and I got rpg maker VX ace and am really excited to use it! I have already started making a game which I hope to release in the near future. Im very excited to be in this community and yeah thanks for having...

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