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  1. Eschaton

    Critique my class system. Needs a lot of work.

    First, I design almost all skills around the philosophy that damage is the main goal; no turn should be wasted on skills that ONLY cause a SLIGHT chance of debuffing the enemy. So, all skills do damage, and all skills cause debuffs. Skills need to have high utility; even if the enemy is...
  2. Eschaton

    Critique my Healer class

    Hello, all. For my project, the player can select from among a small selection of classes.  One class focuses on healing the party using their signature pray Pray. On it's own, Pray recovers a paltry amount of HP for the party, but Pray gains additional effects based on: The player's karma...
  3. Eschaton

    Concept for Equipment, Skill Learning, and Character Progression

    I'm not going to use this, it is merely a thought I had for something I was doing long ago. 1.  Equip something.  Let's say it's a chain necklace that increases defense. 2.  Gather points.  Let's call them AP.  Chain has AP threshold displayed in the equipment scene. 3.  Meet AP threshold. ...
  4. Eschaton

    Required Party Members

    I'm sorry for the misleading title. I'm not talking about the game forcing a party member to go with you.  Rather, I'm talking about a game in which any party member can die, but if one or however many die, that means game over. For context, I'm imagining a game whose story involves a...
  5. Eschaton

    ATB and Timed Hits

    There seems to be a consensus here that the above gameplay elements...kinda suck. Why? Can I get somebody's bad experience with these?
  6. Eschaton

    Tutorial Levels and New Game Plus: A Rant

    I've been playing Mass Effect 2 a few times (because it's just so damn fun).  When playing through the tutorial level, I got a little impatient with the hand-holding.  Particularly at the point in which Miranda and Jacob force you to put them into cover while "you take point" (when in fact...
  7. Eschaton

    Stealth in Battle

    I'm not sure how to ask this question. Mechanically, in Ace, I figure stealth could be a buff to TGR. Maybe that buff could depend on the median ACC of all your enemies in an evented skill. Perhaps having this state could give that actor access to certain skills such as "backstabbing," or...
  8. Eschaton

    Map Exploration and the Tactical Battle System

    I'm experimenting with GTBS, but I feel like it may clash with exploration of maps.  Free exploration of maps is important to this project, which is supposed to be a balance of staff and resource management with an open world. Yes, I know that's really ambitious. What I'm asking here, is...
  9. Eschaton

    State that goes away when you attack

    Exactly what it says on the tin.  How do I set it up to where when an actor begins combat, he/or she has a state that they relinquish when they attack an enemy.  How do I do this? Hopefully the solution doesn't involve tons of eventing.
  10. Eschaton

    Party Members

    I had this idea... You start with a certain number of party members, then gain a few, then...they start getting killed off one by one. Either you fight them as bosses, or a powerful enemy kills them. I'd imagine this working for a more action-oriented game in which you control one character...
  11. Eschaton

    Damage Popups

    Just how important are they? I'm thinking that they would not be in my project because they'd make the screen a bit too busy.  Either that, or having an option to turn them off if I am able.
  12. Eschaton

    Final Boss *spoilers-ish*

    I had this idea... I say that a lot. Anyway, I had this idea that the final fight of the main story in my project would be a one-on-one fight.  It wouldn't be one of those deals where you can't lose, nor would it be easier than the penultimate fight like in some games. It's going to be a true...
  13. Eschaton

    An Idea I Had...

    So, I was playing Dragon Age II, and I was doing the quest where the Hawke brothers decided to break into their old family home and find their grandfather's will.  In a fit of *roleplaying,* I decided to bring only the Hawke brothers on the quest.  The only other two party members I had were an...
  14. Eschaton

    Weapon Loadout

    Weapon Loadout I don't think a script like this exists exactly, but I wanna try my luck.  I'll let the scripters decide if it exists, a script that would allow this to happen exists, or if it has yet to exist. Actors have multiple slots to equip weapons (more than two).  However, they don't...
  15. Eschaton

    Level One

    I've played quite a few RPGs and have noticed something:  a lot of them don't have the characters start at level one.  I've seen some start as high as level seven. This begs the question:  what is the point of levels one through six?  Also, I've noticed a lot of WRPGs actually do start at...
  16. Eschaton

    Can only cast at 100% TP

    Is there a trick or a (move if you need to) script that would require the actors to have 100% TP to use a skill, but not all skills cost 100 TP to use? Meanwhile, there would be a TP regen. This is a recipe for skills having something sort of a global cooldown, but skills have differing...
  17. Eschaton

    The Most Satisfying Ending Ever

    I'd like to open the discussion of the most satisfying end to a series (film, novel, comic/graphic novel, game, what-have-you). I'll start with mine: the best superhero films ever made, the Nolan Batman Films. Never before had I been so elated to see the bittersweet goodbye to such well...
  18. Eschaton

    Ethics of resurrecting the dead

    I'm thinking of disallowing the player from being able to resurrect his party (no resurrection spells or services). Dead is dead. Player death is game over and reload. However, the player can bring them back using a spell that turns dead NPCs into zombies.  They still have their old skills and...
  19. Eschaton

    RTP Eric

    Can someone slap together some sprites of RTP Eric (Ace) nonchalantly drinking out of a glass?  If detail permits, an amber-brownish fluid? I'd be super-grateful.
  20. Eschaton

    Damage Formula help

    Is this possible in the damage formula box?  If not, how do I accomplish this effect? Formula for nearly all skills: (User's Offensive parameter plus y) minus (target Defensive parameter plus w) = z If z higher than target's Defensive Parameter multiplied by x, then inflict/remove state...

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