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  1. Alexander Amnell

    Goodbyes and Gratitude

    It's 4 A.M and I haven't slept in a couple of days so bear with me if this gets...disconcerting. I'll try to keep it succinct. I've been here for a while and met a lot of very interesting individuals, learned some things, wasted a lot of time and played a bunch of free games. I've also used...
  2. Alexander Amnell

    How do you overcome chronic quitting?

       Not really sure how to phrase it, but I've always had a problem with leaving things undone. Probably about to give up on my fourth game attempt, it itself an adaptation of a long abandoned attempt to write a novel. I've quit every job I've ever had within a couple of years, barely made it...
  3. Alexander Amnell

    Is the main store currently down?

       I've been trying to purchase a few products from the store for about a week now, and though at first the problems were on my card's end my bank now insists that the card is now activated and that it's not showing any procs from the site whenever I enter my information and try to make a...
  4. Alexander Amnell

    Politically correct gaming: shaming player choices for an outside agenda?

       This is just a trend I've noticed in a good many recent games, and one I've wondered if others have noticed as well and what their thoughts are. Games that offer choices to the player are a dime a dozen these days, almost an unwritten new standard that devs are expected to follow as trite and...
  5. Alexander Amnell

    tilesets keep disappearing upon opening up the database.

       So, for a couple of weeks now I've noticed my maps would randomly be missing pieces, tilesets that have for some reason been deleted from my project folder. Different sets each time with seemingly no rhyme or reason to why. This afternoon I've opened up my project to find no tiles at all on...
  6. Alexander Amnell

    Choices in gaming (how much weight to them is to much?)

    Context for those that want context    My question is this. How much weight should player decisions be allowed to have in a video game? People talk all the time about how disappointed they are with the 'illusion of choice' in games where you end up either being a paragon of goodness who saves...
  7. Alexander Amnell

    Reverse Affinity System (influencing the pc rather than the party)

       Ok, so yeah, I've finally gotten around to working again after a fairly long hiatus and one thing I've started to do is work on a sort of affinity system. On the surface something similar to dragon age: origins but with two specific differences. 1. There are no gifts to earn by 'improving...
  8. Alexander Amnell

    If you had twin girls, what would their names be?

        This question is being put forth here for two reasons. First off another forum member posted a similar thread and got a lot of feedback and it didn't seem to bother anyone that she did so, and secondly because I'm at a standstill at this point. It isn't that I cannot come up with names that...
  9. Alexander Amnell

    Another belated interpolation

       Good day all and welcome to another introductory tangent by a not-so-new member of the community for reasons not entirely understood by anyone. My name is Alexander Cain (Alexander Amnell on the forums, obviously.) I'm a 28 year old game-making hobbyist intending to release games under the...
  10. Alexander Amnell

    In need of a llama

       Yesterday my children and I completed a simple little series of mini games chronicling a day in the life of our family dog as she interacts with the other animals that live around her. Two of these animals (who are sadly important to the story) are a mama llama and her daughter, So far we've...
  11. Alexander Amnell

    Unexplained Occurrences

       So earlier today someone posted a status update about phobias in general. At one point on this update someone else posted about a fear of the paranormal and shared a personal experience about it, to which a bunch of people (myself and the OP included) hijacked said status update to share our...
  12. Alexander Amnell

    Importance of Literal Equipment

       I've been working on battles and balance a lot recently and one thing I've been considering is the importance of having legit equipment such as weapons, armor headgear and shields and such. Now obviously in a game where you are wandering around fighting people or monsters the characters are...
  13. Alexander Amnell

    Forums being flagged as dangerous site suddenly.

       I noticed this last night and sense then it's coming up constantly for me. Whenever I try to use the "view new content" link here both my browser and virus protection flags the link for distributing malware. (both Firefox and Chrome do this, Explorer seems indifferent but the virus software...
  14. Alexander Amnell

    Rebellion: The Child of Chaos

    Happy Puppy Games Presents:     By Alexander Amnell    “When the pin drops there isn’t time for reflection, or hesitation. You may destroy the world as you perceive it; however it is important to endure regardless. You cannot be truly loyal to any morality without suffering from unintended...
  15. Alexander Amnell

    Empathetic States

       Ok, don't really like asking for a script but I've been pawing over this as an event for a little while now and can't get it to work correctly. Primarily what I need is for a way to set up two actors to have a sort of "empathetic link" whenever it comes to states being applied. So say Actor 1...
  16. Alexander Amnell

    Social and political discrepencies between protagonists and how to balance the differences.

       I have been ignoring this growing problem within the balance of my game for to long. (and I'm quickly trying to get my game ready to release a demo as soon as monster legacy comes out) so I would appreciate some opinions on this. Probably you are reading this right now because you read the...
  17. Alexander Amnell

    Total Enemy Control (Charm+)

    Just in case you want to know why... Have you ever wanted to put a monster tamer in your game? Someone who can turn enemies into allies temporarily and force them to kick their own allies' asses? If the answer is yes then this tutorial could help you perhaps. Difficulty: I don't believe it to...
  18. Alexander Amnell

    compatability problems between YEA Jp manager and Kread-ex Actor Inventory.

       Ok, so I've been trying to get this figured out for a couple of days now, usually by this point I'll make a decision to scrap one script or the other, however both of these have a major influence on my game right now and I'd like to release a demo in the next few days so I'm trying to get rid...
  19. Alexander Amnell

    State applied rate = Reverse TP%

       Ok, I'm going to try and explain this as simply as possible. Basically what I'm trying to do is set up certain states to have a higher chance of being inflicted based upon how high/low the target's tp is. Basically I'd like for the state rate to go up as tp goes down, but only for certain...
  20. Alexander Amnell

    Restoring hp/mp as a % by event (more complex than you'd think)

       Ok, so I have a system in my game where inns serve more pseudo-realistic purposes than in most video games. Instead of being fully healed from everything I want it to heal everyone's hp by 10%, mp by 20%, remove some negative states and fully restore your rest and exposure levels (basic needs...

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