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  1. Morpheus

    RMMV Any reason this doesn't change the text?

    Window_ShopCommand.prototype.makeCommandList = function() { this.addCommand(, 'buy'); //this.addCommand(TextManager.sell, 'sell', !this._purchaseOnly); this.addCommand(TextManager.cancel, 'finish'); }; It correctly removes the sell option but for some reason...
  2. Morpheus

    How to pick a Variable with the highest amount?

    I'll try to make this sound not so complicated of what I'd like to accomplish. Let's say I have Variables 23 through 31. At the end of the game, which ever variable is the highest, I'd like to display a text message depending on the highest one. is it possible to event this or use script/code...
  3. Morpheus

    Door event not opening properly?

    For some reason, the door doesn't open properly. Here is the event. The door stops opening at the "Turn Right" command. It doesn't "Turn Up". Anyone know what might be causing this?
  4. Morpheus

    RMMV Forget Skills when Changing Class Plugin Request

    Simply put, I'd like a plugin that forgets skills and learns the new skills from the class change. Currently, if you're a "mage" class and switch to a "warrior" class, you keep all your skills. I'd like to request a fix for this. Please and thank you!
  5. Morpheus

    [MV] Best way to set up common events for a game with a time system? (Persona Style Mock Up)

    I want to start off by saying this might sound a bit complicated, but please, bear with me... So I'm using a time script that I've configured to work with Common Events. Here is an example of it in action. This is controlled with Variables so that I can call on the date and time to advance...
  6. Morpheus

    What do you look for in an RPGM game?

    As we all know, 95% of RPGM games are uninspired shovelware that hardly even *try* to be original. What separates a game from the rest for you, personally? What is it you look for?
  7. Morpheus

    RMMV Persona type game?

    After fiddling around with some scripts, art and events just for fun, I realized its entirely possible to make a persona type game (dungeon crawling with social aspects). I'd like to know the communities interest in a game similar to persona and whether or not you would play a game like it and...
  8. Morpheus

    Request: "Screen Fadeout" effect to happen when entering the shop scene

    As the title suggests, I would like to request a plugin be made that makes the screen do the same fadeout effect as in the Event Menu whenever you enter the shop scene. Please and thank you!!!
  9. Morpheus

    Yanfly Base parameter Control Help

    I've been using YEP Base parameter Control for awhile now, it's actually pretty integral to my game at this point. What I only just figured out is that it affects enemies stats as well. Does anyone know how you would essentially disable it for enemies stats? There are some notetags you can add...
  10. Morpheus

    Request: Completely remove the "EquipCommand" Window

    I would like to request a plugin that just outright removes this window from the game, please. I should note I am using the free YEP EquipCore as well. Thank you!
  11. Morpheus

    RMMV [Poll] Would you rather see or not see a skill check?

    Let's say you're speaking to someone who is lying to you. You need an Insight skill of 35+ to see through their lie. Would you rather have the dialogue automatically change if you pass/fail the check or would you rather see a popup saying something like "[Insight Check: 35] Passed!/Failed!"...
  12. Morpheus

    Eventing a way for the party to heal a state with choices?

    Hello, here is what I am trying to accomplish: Let's say there are 4 states the party can have. They can use an item to heal one of those states at a time. If they don't have the state, then the choice to heal that state doesn't show up. (The item calls Common Event X which would check if...
  13. Morpheus

    Formula for healing not working because it's a decimal?

    So I'm trying to use this formula to heal the player but it seems to only be healing every once in a while. Sometimes it'll heal correctly a few times in a row, sometimes it stops healing but still consumes the items for a few times in a row, sometimes it'll heal, stop, heal, stop. I'm not...
  14. Morpheus

    VE Hit Formula - Need help creating a formula please

    So I'm using VE Hit Formula and I input the formula 'result = $gameVariables.setValue(491, Math.randomInt(20) + 1); if (v[491] >= b.def){sethit (1.0)} else {sethit (0.0)} ' Essentially this is suppose to recreate the DnD way of handling hits/misses where a d20 is rolled and if the roll is...
  15. Morpheus

    Yanfly Equip Core - Affecting Accuracy with Variables

    So I see with YEP Equip Core you can add Custom Code to affect stats. I was wondering if it would be possible, with my game, to have weapon accuracy(HIT) be affected by a variable(Like if I made a variable called 'Swords Proficiency')? I'm not entirely sure where I would start with this. I...
  16. Morpheus

    RMMV Need help creating a Foraging mechanic

    So in my game, players can forage for food, plants, wood, etc. on the world map. Some notes so far about the mechanics and related mechanics... You forage better in forest areas than in other regions. The player also needs to be able eat and sleep or their health stops dropping. The amount...
  17. Morpheus

    Plugin that allows us to have Formulas in messages

    It'd be SO, SO useful to have the ability to have dynamic formulas in messages. For example, you have the item Potion that heals '\v[1] + 5' HP. or a Mana Potion that restores 'a.mat * 2' MP I can't believe nobody has made a 'formula in messages' or 'formula in descriptions' plugin yet.
  18. Morpheus

    [MV] Is there a way to increase Pharmacology via events/scripting/etc?

    Looking through the editor, there doesn't appear to be a way to increase PHA or any SP Parameter for that matter... What I was trying to do was have a Variable called 'First Aid' that would be tied to Pharmacology. So if Variable 'First Aid' = 50, PHA = 150%. if Variable 'First Aid' = 100, PHA...
  19. Morpheus

    Icon Inventory Help: Remove item names in equipment menu

    I am using Vlues Icon Inventory but one thing I wanted to edit was removing the item name when it is equipped to the player as it overlaps other windows. If anyone could make the quick change for me, I would greatly appreciate it. You can see in the image what i am talking about.
  20. Morpheus

    Variable Menu Plugin Request

    Looking for something rather simple, similar to this or this. It can be gauges, numbers, I'm not super picky just somewhere I can have the player look at like 30 or so variables. Bonus if I can add an icon next to it too.

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