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  1. S.Court

    [VX Ace] Modifying substitute conditions

    Hi. I'm trying to modify the substitute conditions in my project since some months ago and after trying some scripts (without success) I decided to check the default scripting to check where could I modify them. I found this part in Scene_Battle in 644 line...
  2. S.Court

    Changing drain formula

    Hello, I'd like to implement something in my project related with the drain value the attacker receives. I'd like target's Luck reduces the damage percentage the caster recover, I think the key to modify this is in Game_ActionResult scripts def make_damage(value, item) @critical = false if...
  3. S.Court

    [VX Ace] Help with turn order

    Hello. I created a battle and I noticed sometimes the slower battler can attack first, I tried to check and I think I found the trouble, and it's the random factor in Game_Action script #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- # * Calculate Action Speed...
  4. S.Court

    Question about idea and prototype subforum

    Hi, I have a thread in Ideas and Prototypes subforum and I have a couple of question about that Can those post be moved to Games in development subforum if requested? Or do I have to make another post there due of the fact those posts need approval to be published there? The 72 hours post...
  5. S.Court

    RMVXA Polaris: The Chronicle - Stats increasing and Battle system features

    This project logo was created by @Orb Hello. I have been working on the core structure of a project and I’d like some input about the game mechanics and battle system I have organized. I’m putting all those ideas in the demo but I’d like some feedback about what I have been creating. I’ll...
  6. S.Court

    [VX Ace] Help with Hime's Cover condition script

    Hello. I'm using Hime's Cover condition script and I'd like to add some cover conditions to certain character. I'd like some help to set them. 1) This character will cover all allies who are under 20% of Max HP 2) This character will cover allies only from physical attacks 3) This character...
  7. S.Court

    Bug? When creating new thread

    Hi. I'm creating a draft in Ideas and Prototype thread. I used the spoiler tags in certain part Here is how I wrote it (the [/SPOILER] tag is at the end of all this text) But when I create a preview, two spoiler tags appear When I update the page, it looks like the forum's tools created a...
  8. S.Court

    Help with Victor's State Cancel's script

    Hello. I'm using Victor's state cancel script and I'm having doubts about how to use the <cancel state custom> tags. In concret, I'd like certain to remove a state when the battler is affected by any of certain states list (let's say, if the battler is affected by the state 4, 5, 6 or 7) How...
  9. S.Court

    [VX Ace] Changing TP charge by damage formula

    Hello. I'd like to change TP charge formula when target receives damage. The idea is basically the same, but adding LUK to the formula. For example, if the user has 20 of LUK, the TP gained would be a 20% of the original formula. Does someone know how to change this? Thank you
  10. S.Court

    Problem with Victor's target arrow script

    Hello, I'm using Victor Target Arrow's script and I'm having a trouble when I use a skill target the user itself. The next error is presented. And this is the part of the script is showing the problem (the second line is the 451 line the error is refering to) def draw_tartge_info(align)...
  11. S.Court

    Hiding level and showing class in menu

    Hello. I'd like to remove character's level in menu screan, and put instead of it the character class, does someone know how to implement that? Thanks
  12. S.Court

    Hime's Attack animation script

    Hello, I was trying to use Hime's attack animation script, but sadly the link with the script is down, does someone know where else to find this script? Thank you
  13. S.Court

    Is it possible to have too much states in a project?

    Hi. I was working in my project and I saw I have a total of 13 states (talking specifically about negative states) in my project, just for a demo of maybe 2-3 hours. That made me think about something. Can a project arrive to a point where it has too much negative states? I'm sure we can't talk...
  14. S.Court

    How to make LUK effect in battle more relevant?

    Hi everybody. When I was working on my project I couldn't avoid to notice of all states, Luck is probable the most expendable parameter. You could just change the luck effect in script editor (I'm using VX Ace) and it'd have no effect at all in the game. Of course, that doesn't mean the stat...
  15. S.Court

    Witch-Hazel battler

    Hello, I'm working in a project and I decided to add a Witch-Hazel enemy, but... Well, it's hard to find a battler from this one, it's quite uncommon, so I'd like to request a battler from this enemy. Resource Type: Sideview Battler Maker Format: VX Ace Art Style: Preferably RTP style, but...
  16. S.Court

    [VX Ace] Help with Hime's conditional states script

    Hello, I'm using Hime's conditional states script and I'm trying to create an attack adds a differente state depending of user's speed, the condition would be this (not sure if it's relevant, but it's a skill does damage as well): if user's AGI/10 = to 1, it'd add the state id 11 if AGI/10 = 2...
  17. S.Court

    MOG Battle HUD and Modern Algebra Choice options trouble

    Hi, I'm using MOG Battle HUD (13-Lightning folder) and Modern Algebra Choice options scripts and apparently the second one overwrites something about Help Battle Window because under normal conditions, the Layout_Help window shows behind the help text, but with both scripts together, this...
  18. S.Court

    How to make AGI effect in battle more relevant?

    When we talk about turn based JRPG, AGI effect is only limited to determine the Turn Order in battle, and even when that's an important effect, I think the effect could be improved. That's important for example in games where they let you to customize your stats with limited resources, so...
  19. S.Court


    Hello, I'm trying to implement a mechanic in my project called Ex-Turn. At the start of the battle, I made a common event which checks if player/enemy initial speed is at least 1.5 times higher than the average enemy/player speed, it'll gain the Ex-Turn state will let them to do a extra action...
  20. S.Court

    Help with enemy pattern

    Hello, I'm trying to make a system where depending of average enemies/actors speed, they can get an extra action during this turn, I evented it to make the actors gain a state with the flag of additional turns, but in enemies, I want to change the attack pattern a bit when they are able to do...

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