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  1. Brrt

    [XP] Character running and jumping

    very good evening, greetings from the Latin country Venezuela. ¿How's everybody? I have a time that I do not spend here for many different situations. But I have come on this occasion to request a sprite of some character running or jumping, be it a base or any other image. I need it because a...
  2. Brrt

    get the Id of an actor by the value of a variable

    Hello! What's up? I need to know if I can get the Id of an actor by the value of a variable that is constantly changing. for example: $ game_actors [here put the id of the variable so that the value is found] I think if there is a method, to do that. I think I saw it in a tuto or something...
  3. Brrt

    Large characters or real height

    Hello, the most likely thing is that there are lots of topics like this in the whole forum. But I'm looking for some in particular, some that I design for myself, I'm looking for a base body to design my characters. I have been searching for days and really like there are many topics I can not...
  4. Brrt

    Problems with the game menu

    First of all, good night, and many will be saying "again this annoyance" but I like to bother xD. I will explain: I use the plugin of Soulpour777, from this page I really liked this type of title and I...
  5. Brrt

    I need a japanmaniac

    Good afternoon everyone, I need a big favor. I found a page that has some pretty good characters or fantastic characters for me. what is the matter, I need to know if they are of free use that allows me to use them or not in a future project. Apart from that, I would like to give credit to the...
  6. Brrt

    The blank screen began to appear...

    Good morning, I come to explain a problem that I have, I do not know much English but I will try to explain. previously I had version 1.3, and everything worked correctly. I opened the program and even opened the finished projects. From one moment to another, update my RPG MAKER MV 1.3 to 1.5...

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