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  1. Jawnsunn

    The General SMT Thread

    The GENERAL Shin Megami Tensei Thread!   Yo, what up RPG fans. Do you like SMT? Talk about here. Talk about everything here. Discuss what your favorite demon is. Discuss why Mara is the greatest RPG monster enemy ever. Discuss why the hell Hitler is a final boss in Persona 2. Everything...
  2. Jawnsunn

    Jawnsunn's Radical Pixels

    What's up guys. This just a thread showin off my pixel works that aren't RPG Maker related. Most of these were for a 1 plane beat-em-up called "Radical Asskickers". I have stopped working on it as I didn't feel very confident in my programming skills. You're all welcome to critique as I want...
  3. Jawnsunn

    A fellow bro appears...

    Hey, what's up RM community! I'm not sure if some of you guys remember me but I was hypersonic64 back at Or seen me on TiGSource or some other fourm. Anyway, I have skills on pixel art and sort of understand RPG fundementals and game design in general. You guys will probably be seeing...

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