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  1. R-Soul

    RPG Music Pack - Free Commercial Use

    I have a question regarding the use of your music, is it limited to only RPG Maker, or can it be used on other game development engines as well? o: Oh and, quite the collection you have there, keep it up! :D
  2. R-Soul

    Translated Terms of Usage of Japanese blogs

    Oh sorry about that then >~< How about this one? From what I could infere from google translate, this one could be used in many ways feely, even game production.
  3. R-Soul

    Translated Terms of Usage of Japanese blogs

    I remember when I first found this post out of the blue, now it is my favorite on rpgmakerweb :D . I think all of us would be missing alot of good stuff for our proejcts if it wasn't for you. Thank you very much for all your work and dedication :3 Also, I happened to come across yet another...
  4. R-Soul

    Avy's Icon Workshop [Back to buisness!]

    Oh my god! How come I never saw all these icons before O= They are all gorgeous, please keep it up! ^-^ And, could you please do some icons of paper talismans? For VX Ace. I leave you a reference. Thank you >//<
  5. R-Soul

    Code-Off Script Suggestions

    Why not a stat distribution script? Players always differ in the way they approach a problem. Some of them prefer to have powerhouses, while other like having a balanced party or even tank units. And this is possible if you get stat points to distribute, instead of getting level up stats...
  6. R-Soul

    Translated Terms of Usage of Japanese blogs

    Found another BGM and SE page~ It has ALOT of resources to choose from o=
  7. R-Soul

    Sci Fi Battlebacks

    If you were creating a futuristic game and had to come up with an entirely new universe, what would be the strangest or quirkiest feature of your universe? Genuine alien-human love. Maybe to some it'll be as strange as seeing human-animal right now, but nobody can say it can't happen (I bet...
  8. R-Soul

    Translated Terms of Usage of Japanese blogs

    Think you can translate this site as well? It has some nice Icons o= From what I get from Google Translate, It allows commercial use, however I don't quite understand to who you are supposed to give credit, or if secondary distribution is allowed. EDIT: Found another Icon resource page o=
  9. R-Soul

    Dungeon Music Pack

    What is the most terrifying thing you could encounter while exploring a dungeon, cave or your very own basement? I know I'd be freaked out if I found corpses laying down, hanged on the ceiling of sticked to the walls. I would be petrified in fear if I saw such thing.
  10. R-Soul

    Granny's Lists - Icons and Balloons

    Wow, this is quite the collection of Japanese sites :D Thank you~~
  11. R-Soul

    Code-Off Script Suggestions

    That reminded me of a game I play: And YES, +Vote for this ^-^
  12. R-Soul

    Granny's Lists - Icons and Balloons

    I have a question, does anyone know Whitecat's terms of use? THIS is what google translate tells me. From what I infer, he/she allows the use of the material on commercial and adult themed projects as well as modification, but disallows secondary distribution. Oh, and I don't see it anywhere...
  13. R-Soul

    Tyler Warren RPG Battlers 3rd 50 | Magnificent Quest Music Pack | The Emporium of Copper and Steel M

    I would choose to be Sephiroth from Final Fantasy VII. Think of it for a second, a guy who is able to manipulate a 2 meter long katana, cut through buildings like butter, effortlessly fight against more than one "hero" at a time, has lightning speed reflexes, and it is of the few actually...
  14. R-Soul

    Prevent Events from Turning Towards Player

    Thank you very much, just what I was looking for~
  15. R-Soul

    Is this possible

    You can export the image you want (F10 while on editor), then paste it on the Graphics>Parallaxes folder on your project. So basically you put any image you want in that folder to use it as parallax, default resolution is 544x416 (this is the size of the whole screen).
  16. R-Soul

    Prevent Events from Turning Towards Player

    It works O=, however it'll be quite troublesome to plan out, since I need the event to follow the player (yes, I forgot to put that), meaning it might turn indefinite times while doing so... While this leaves the event on a fixed route =\ THANK YOU THOUGH, I'll just wait for some other...
  17. R-Soul

    Prevent Events from Turning Towards Player

    If you make an event that has as trigger either player touch or event touch, and the player touches that event, immediately before executing whatever code you placed in it, that event will turn towards our direction. My question is the following, Is it possible to prevent an event to turn to...
  18. R-Soul

    The Adventure Of High School Students

    Naoto is from the Persona 4 game (PS2), or from the newest adaptation Persona 4 Golden (PS VIta). If you REALLY want to know if it is a boy or girl, clic the following spoiler~
  19. R-Soul

    The Adventure Of High School Students

    I saw Milla Maxwell on a TV in one of the screenshots O= I like those kind of "easter egg" decorations~
  20. R-Soul

    Retrievable Game Information

    Do you know exactly what part of the Help file I'm looking for?

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