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  1. Spell Talk/Status effects, immunity vs percentage

    Hi. I am trying to decide on a balanced approach to some powerful effects I have in mind for my game. The two states I am considering are called Neutral and Potency. Neutral is activated from spells like "Neutralize". What this does is it removes any elemental effects applied to a target and...
  2. Setting a minimum damage using percentages.

    Can you set a minimum damage using percent? If for example I don't want "No Damage" being the result from a large increase between defense and offense. Can it be done?
  3. This came out of nowhere. Failed to create bitmap

    I swear I didn't do anything o_O When I try to enter a certain map, that happens. I tried adjusting the transfer player location, nothing. When I go to look at my map, I notice a bunch of missing tiles. I did not touch any folders, I did not add or remove any information recently. But there...
  4. Tsukihime InstanceItems troop event crash

    I have a small issue with the Instance items script. During a troop event, when a character is being taught what effective weapon to equip for an enemy type, the game crashes when it attempts to equip the character with the weapon. However, if I were to equip the weapon manually as not part of...
  5. What TV shows are you watching now?

    Resurrection, Walking Dead, Bates Motel and Big Bang Theory. Only reason for me to watch TV other than Boxing. Deadliest Catch is coming soon :D Tried to get into Game of Stones on Discovery but I end up missing it...
  6. Making things! Colors! Machines! Costumes!

    If you give me a game where I can decorate my character or get a whole bunch of stuff like machine parts or whatever and just make things, color it and prance about and show it off while I trample cities or go and maul goblins, I'll probably spend about half of my game time making things as I...
  7. adding mp cost to weapon use

    I have certain weapons that when equipped, should cost a little mp. I have scripts that allow me to input damage formulas for my weapons but it lacks a feature for mp cost. I have scripts that allow me to specify normal attack for the Actor, but doing this goes beyond what I need and will...
  8. Controlling variable for damage formula during use of skill

    How can I create a charge skill in which the player controls how much is spent for the attack? I suspect this will be using a variable? If I have a cannon in which character has max mp of 90 and the damage formula is based on how much the charge is, in this case up to 90 * 10 For 900 damage...
  9. Shields. Actually using them in combat

    I dunno bout you but I don't like the idea of merely equipping a shield in battle to have it just simply raise DEF or MDF so long as it is equipped. No, I think shields should be used instead of worn. So what I do instead is instead of adding a parameter increase to DEF or MDF or whatever, I...
  10. An idea for the site?

    I was just thinking this as a kind of suggestion. Why not require tags to be added to non-script support threads so that similar questions dealing with whatever the issue may be, can be found through searching? Like, if you have eight copies of a mapping question, if there were older topics that...
  11. Allowing events in troops to happen when all enemies are defeated

    A while back, I tried to have an event occur just after all enemies were defeated but discovered that the victory message took priority over everything and the battle would exit before the event would activate. Is there a way to have an end battle event occur before battle officially ends and...
  12. Line723 TypeError occurred

    I get this funny error that only pops up when I load a saved game. It is an error from the Game_BattlerBase script. line 723: TypeError occurred. no implicit conversion from nil to integer. So it's this thing: #--------------------------------------------------------------------------   # *...
  13. Fomar Individual Equipment conflict with Common Event in game.

    I have some weaponry designed only for use when activated through a skill. Because these weapons are part of a robotic suit. The skill calls up a Common Event meant to either turn on the weapon or turn it off. The common event alone works fine. There are no errors inside of it. There is some...
  14. Working on an instant state effect for a certain attack

    I was constructing a skill called precision shot: Before the character shoots, I wanted to add 15% to accuracy to this particular skill, along with increased critical activating just before the character strikes in the same turn. I tested the possibility of this using a death state. Giving my...
  15. At what point does it no longer feel like your creation?

    With so many limits to the RM engine, yet still so much creativity at your fingertips, at what point does your own game, your creation begin to feel like it belongs to somebody else? I'm talking about all the scripts that can be used. I can only do so much by myself. But I think about some of...
  16. Two script errors after installing and playing with bunch of new scripts.

    I picked up once more my first game project since it's been collecting dust for months and started restructuring some things and began taking advantage of all that I've learned up to now and just really giving it a proper cleaning, organzing, adding features and such. I've snatched up quite a...
  17. Sound effects for some skills

    I'm thinking about making very brief little effects that start before certain skills are cast. I want to add some extra sound effects like roars or other sounds just before a certain skill is cast. What do you think of these kinds of things/how do you personally deal with some of them?
  18. Shouldn't experience rate increase experience?

    I have a special armor that is meant to increase experience gained but even at 400 percent I see no increase. I think it is conflicting with an enemy levels/doppleganger scripts that I have from Yanfly. In it, you can set the experience rate to grow as you face enemies of higher levels. This is...
  19. TP questions and I don't think I can use MP for this.

    Hey, my first project deals with robots and machines. There isn't any actual magic in this game so I'm trying to work out how to use MP for something else. But my main concern right now is TP. I know that I can change the default max TP. Not a problem. My question is, how would i create a...
  20. Adding features other than parameter changes upon character level up?

    I would like my characters, who are meant to come with certain inherent traits, to be able to unlock special features like natural resists/ SP/EX parameter bonuses upon level up. I checked the event window but only see change parameters but just the basic stuff. Is it possible to edit the...

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