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  1. DanPixel

    Final Fantasy - Record Keeper

    Well my type of games to clear stress off are usually Chronotrigger, Secret of Mana 3, Shining Force 2, Soleil and Secret of Evermore :)   I'm the type of old school gamer. Empire Defense on Android was one of my favorite but got bored by it after some weeks.
  2. DanPixel

    RPG Maker MV FR

    There's a lot of mistakes in the translation file from a first glance. My edited version is in Bold : 1. source>Opens the export window for walk characters.</source>        <translation>Ouvre la fenêtre d’exportation pour les personnages en marche .</translation>   We say "en marche" here...
  3. DanPixel

    Hey People - What do you do when you 're bored?

    When I got bored with making game or drawing, I watch some japanese anime...if this does not work, then I jump on my bed to play some snes/megadrive games on my phone. Now, when it comes to life...well, I mostly never get bored with my life since I have responsibilities and a target in life...
  4. DanPixel

    First RPG game you ever played

    I remember my 1st RPG was Secret of Evermore followed by Secret of Mana. I bought these 2 Super Nintendo Cartridges from a shop because they were selling them cheap and after this, it was only Rpgs for me. Before I was playing fighting games and soccer games more than anything else.
  5. DanPixel

    Final Fantasy VI

    Have you all played the Steam version? Not too fan of the cartoonish sprites....a big thumbs down for me!
  6. DanPixel

    Final Fantasy - Record Keeper

    Well, after reading some comments, I decided to try this game...although the game is fun and seems polished, I removed it after 7hrs of game time. Seems to lengthy to dedicate all my time to it...I know that I will be addicted on playing this forever and my game development and work will suffer...
  7. DanPixel

    Borderless Maps-Yes or No?

    Borderless makes the map looks unfinished and gives the 'lazy' developer feeling. Since you are using general RTP where people can compare to other RM games. You should block the paths to make the maps look "clean" and "finished". Most games, be it RM or classic rpgs, will use something (NPC...
  8. DanPixel

    Ancient Dungeons

    Celianna, are there plans for an Ancient Dungeons V2 pack soon?
  9. DanPixel

    Iliketea's commoners clothing line

    Saved this thread on my bookmarks - very useful! Thanks!
  10. DanPixel

    Pixelated Historically Inspired Battlers (Side View)

    Excellent post and characters design! Thank you! Can we also use the designs for commercial projects like redrawing the sprites or using the costume designs ideas to draw new characters busts for commercial projects?
  11. DanPixel

    ~ Ækashics Librarium ~ | Animated & Static Battlers |

    Awesomeness!!!!! Thanks for sharing!
  12. DanPixel

    Ayene's Tiles

    Just to be sure, can we use these tilesets on any type of commercial project made with Rpg Maker or is it specific for Vx/Ace?
  13. DanPixel

    Celianna's Tileset

    Awesome tilesets! Was wondering how much is the commercial license for your tilesets, Celianna?
  14. DanPixel

    Elemental Temples- UPDATED 12/31 (Time Temple)

    Woa! Some good ideas in these pics! Looking forward for the next of the series ;)
  15. DanPixel

    Cyanides Edits

    There are some really useful icons that would fit my project! Thanks for sharing!
  16. DanPixel

    Sin's Little bit of Everything

    I'll use the iconsets - was looking for this! Great designs btw. thank you!
  17. DanPixel

    Swords for now

    Incredible weapons!! Are there plans to release more?
  18. DanPixel

    whtdragon's animals and running horses- now with more dragons!

    Ouah!! What I needed for my project! Thanks a bunch!
  19. DanPixel

    People like this...

    Trolls are trolls and will remained trolls forever. You can't change these types of persons views on Rpg Maker, there are people who like RM games and those who don't - similar to Coffee and Tea, people will tell you coffee is the best and tea is the worst and vice-versa. So, don't let their...
  20. DanPixel

    Whats your favorite fast food

    Has stopped eating any fastfood since 1yrs. Gotta maintained a good health if you want to live long enough to see your dreams come true! Hah!

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