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  1. Zetu

    Return from the Dead

    I had been out of RPG Maker for a while, and recently reinstalled MV. After playing around for a while, I have decided to come back! Prior, I was a member of team JIFZ, which I doubt any of the members are still active anymore, but I am a Scriptor, and hope to start helping people make the...
  2. Zetu

    Zetu's Noob Guide to Scripting in RPG Maker

    Zetu’s Noob Guide to Scripting in RPG Maker     Introduction: Welcome to Zetu’s Noob Guide to Scripting. For this tutorial, I will be using RPG Maker VX Ace. You may be using older versions of RPG Maker, which is fine until we get into the specifics of RGSS3. Open up a fresh new project and make...
  3. Zetu

    File save: Bitmap

    I have been wondering this for a while, but what is the easiest way to save a Bitmap as a file? Most of the ruby articles I looked at wanted me to add a library, and I want to avoid that, if able... I assume it would be something similar to..."Graphics/SavedImages/screenshot_01.png"...
  4. Zetu

    Arum Calender

    One thing I believe is that every universe needs is a calender. Since this is a fantasy world, I doubt we would want to use "Monday", "Tuesday", or "January", "February". That is why I am proposing a new calender for Arum. 12 months and 7 days may be too many terms for users to deal with...
  5. Zetu

    STABS - Simple Tactical Battle System by Zetu [In Development]

    S.Ta.B.S.   Introduction: STaBS, or Simple Tactical Battle System, is a tactical battle system for VX Ace that will allow grid-based combat. This system will eventually emulate all features from the default battle system.   Screenshots: DOWNLOAD Pre-Alpha 1.04
  6. Zetu


    Features+ Core v1.02 (Required for all add-ons) Allows easy to add features to Data_Actor, Data_Class, and Data_State. New Features, efficient calculations. Bloodlust v1.01 Allows the user to absorb X% of damage on all attacks, or attack skill. Mana Shield v1.01 Allows a player to...

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