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  1. Terrax

    Terrax Puzzle system

    Terrax Puzzle system Version 1.0.2 Introduction   Create puzzles by moving objects and using pressure plates.     Features Pushable objects Pressure plates that trigger other events Puzzle reset How to Use Add the plugin in your game and view the help...
  2. Terrax

    Detect 'continue' from saved game in javascript?

    Is there an easy way to detect if a game was loaded (Continued) in a javascript plugin?
  3. Terrax

    Retrieving _realX and _realY from event_id.

    I have a script that runs throug the collection of events. The X and Y position  and the id of these events can be retrieved by the commands. var lpx = $; var lpy = $; var eventid = $;   So far so good.. Some of these events are animated and...
  4. Terrax

    Hi everyone

    I'm pretty new to the RPG maker stuff, but not to scripting games. I'm new to scripting in JS, and the object oriented style boggles my mind a bit, must be getting old.. Anyway. i made some scripts already, soon to appear in the script section.. (if the moderators let me in). Terrax
  5. Terrax

    Terrax Lighting system

    Terrax Lighting system Version 1.5.1 Introduction Turn a dungeon into a dark cellar with lightsources in any color. Features Each lightsource can have a specified radius and light color Extremly easy to set up Player-radius can be configured in the...

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