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  1. Ally

    Filter Retro

    Good evening to everyone :) After trying the filters in the "Filter Effect" plugin, there is no one I'm looking for. Does anyone manage to recreate exactly this effect present on Unity for MV?
  2. Ally

    RMMV [IGMC 2017] Kanti Nida

    Story : Are you afraid of the dark? You should be. You're a young boy who is terribly scared of the dark: he feel the presence of his sister all around him, and each night "something" crawls out from his wardrobe and stares at him for hours. For the first time, one night, he decide to grab a...
  3. Ally

    Character into Galv template

    Hi guys, I can't insert this my personal chara into Galv Template (for MV with his plugin). Can you tell me how to create custom templates? or can you help me? Thank you ^^ EDIT: Ops, wrong section, escuse me ^^'
  4. Ally

    Color palette

    It is possible to have a color palette for this style?
  5. Ally

    Still problems with higher caharacters?

    We're in 2017, and we have yet these issues with RPG Maker. Not everyone uses the default character size, so I wonder: why is this issue still not resolved on a more modern and advanced tool like RPG Maker MV? Yet we buy a product that these problems should not have it! I used the Neon Black...
  6. Ally

    Sprite problem with Galv frames plugin

    I'm trying to use this plugin. My problem though is that I do not see the desired frames. When I try to run the character, the character remains in the pose of walking. In addition, my Idle is animated but I see a walking frame. Perhaps the template setting is wrong. This is my character that I...
  7. Ally

    Character convert Ace to MV

    I did not understand what the exact dimensions for the characters on MV might be. I used the Galv script for RPG Maker VX Ace, and I did not have trouble using sprite with multiple images. Can anyone help me convert the character to make it work on MV? Here the sprite (do not use in your...
  8. Ally

    Galv character effect, problem with 8 frame animation

    Hey guys, I use the character effects by Galv: To have more animations frames, I use two more scripts: Extra Movement Frames (modern algebra) and Galv's Character Animations Using multiple motion frames, I get this kind of error: The...
  9. Ally

    Rotate a picture on itself

    I did a couple of searches before opening the topic, but I did not find the answer to my problem. Is there a way to rotate an image on itself?
  10. Ally

    Ordered Puzzle Variable/Switch

    Good evening at all. I can not program a puzzle ^^' My intent is to use 4 events, which if selected in the right mode with the chosen exhibition, trigger a special event, otherwise nothing will be activated. To be more precise about what I'm looking for, it should work this way: - Text: Do you...
  11. Ally

    New map passability problem

    I have a problem with tileset passability... I've created a new map, and the passages are set up correctly... But the character goes over to all the objects... What could be the problem? Here the map screen problem: Here the passability set up on database for the tileset: On other maps...
  12. Ally

    RMVXA Fleshforward (Demo 2.0)

    Download Demo Not a good girl! Fleshforward demo: Not a Good Girl is finally ready! Let us have your feedback ;) Download: LINKED ROOMS PRESENT TRAILER Fleshforward is the first game made by italian indie developer Linked Room and mixes...
  13. Ally

    If the save is present, back to the title

    Hi all, I use this script for skip the title: #============================================================================== # Skip Title Screen JV Master Script #------------------------------------------------------------------------------ # Skip...
  14. Ally

    Change graphic in Set move route not change

    Can you explain me because the change graphic of an event does not work? (The second page is a self switch to delete the event) This is my event page: (in my language, Giocatore is Character heroe)
  15. Ally

    Undefined local variable or method error

    It happened to me a strange thing suddenly... I run the test project, and I get this error: Line 1? But the first line is a comment xD
  16. Ally

    Problem Speed in Move Route Event

    Hi to all =D When I change the speed of my character in the command 'Set Move Route', this does not work... Here is a screen of my event:
  17. Ally

    Stealth System (how to use)

    Hello guys, I found this script on the web... But, I can not make it work... I tried to insert 'tracer' in the name event, as described in the script, but nothing. Can someone give me more information? module Trace # <= don't touch this...
  18. Ally

    Khas Light System Update

    I open this thread to know when will be released the update of the Khas Light System... When it will come released?
  19. Ally

    Sprite on template

    Hi guys ^^ I use the modern algebra script for more character frame. I would use this character image for fire: Someone is kind enough to insert the character in the right template for vx ace? I can not seem to animate properly ^^'
  20. Ally

    Rinominate file for extra frames

    I use these scripts to enhance the character frames: and,46822.0.html We created this character to add it as an enemy in an event. But I can not figure out how to rename the file for have both...

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