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  1. Ghost of Christmas Kloe

    Move Route Command: Turn towards Event[EventID]

    Description of the Feature: In RPG Maker MV, the move route is awesome, but I always feel like it lacks a feature. It has the ability to make the event turn towards the Player, turn away from the player, but nothing for Turning Towards/Away from a certain Event. It would be as simple to use as...
  2. Ghost of Christmas Kloe

    Animation Preview

    Description of the Feature: Basically, when you choose an Animation to play onto an event, it's really annoying because you realise you don't remember which animation each one is, the difference between Fire 1 and Fire 2 for example. I suggest a little animation preview next to the selection...
  3. Ghost of Christmas Kloe

    Diary of a Seagull: Kloe

    Hiya! Um... I've been here for a while, made 1300-ish posts and forgot to do this and really wanted to so Hiya! You can always count on Kloe to help, whether you need Plugin help (to an extent), help finding something or graphical stuff (to an extent) or even dating advice(on second...
  4. Ghost of Christmas Kloe

    Custom Emoticons

    Hiya RMW website site-feedback people! Your website is amazing, and I love it but I have a suggestion to make it even better. :cutesmile: How about a feature where in the emoticons tab, there is an "Add" button where we can add custom emoticons to our account that we can use via that menu up...
  5. Ghost of Christmas Kloe

    Face in Message

    Hiya Guys! I know this is probably a really stupidly simple question but how do you make it so the face comes up in the message window when using: $gameMessage.add("Hi! This is a message!") I have the actor id, so I can probably find the index and file name of the face graphic (I...
  6. Ghost of Christmas Kloe

    How does currentAction work?

    Hiya! I was editing a script and I was wondering what means what in regards to actor.currentAction() under Window_Base? I wanted do an if statement where it basically means If current action is attack Basically I want to know what the value of actor.currentAction() is when attacking...
  7. Ghost of Christmas Kloe

    Kloe's Essentials Plugin

    Kloe's Essentials Plugin by Kloe This is a user friendly script which helps with some of the little things in RPG Maker MV Features I (hopefully) will frequently be adding new features on but here are the current ones Group Jumping Disable "Have YOU (the player) ever wanted to jump on...
  8. Ghost of Christmas Kloe

    Which way is the Player facing?

    Hiya, it's my first time posting in the learning JavaScript section so yay! I wanted to know to find out what direction the player is facing, and be able to set a variable to that direction so I can use it in commands like  which I am using to try make a "Telescope" script! I have most...
  9. Ghost of Christmas Kloe

    Kloe's Super Simple Title Screen

    Kloe's Super Simple Title Screen by Kloe This is a user friendly script which is very straight forward and helps you customise your title screen with ease! Features You can customise the font size, outline size, outline colour and position (the x position doesn't work for some reason, if...
  10. Ghost of Christmas Kloe

    Kloe's Super Seagull Recolors-----Last Update: 05/01/2016

    Kloe's Super Seagull Recolors Not to be confused with my last less... um... allowed resource thread! This time, nothing made with a generator, or with filters or rubbish like that! This time, only re-colors!! Or at least for now, just re-colors.  Also I know this might not be great, and if you...
  11. Ghost of Christmas Kloe

    ☺Kloe's Super Seagull Resource Thread☺

    BD  Heya!  BD It's me, Kloe here! I made some resources that you guys can all use so you can have fun game making without having to worry about "Oh no! I havent got this that and the other!! :O  NOOO!! ;_;  "  Here I will post all my... hopefully super resources! Mostly re-colors of RTP but...
  12. Ghost of Christmas Kloe

    Tetris Mini-game

    I have been using Rpg Maker MV for a while now and I find that there's one kind of plugin that MV is lacking in, and that is in Mini-games. There is a coin toss plugin, and a spaceship one but I propose something more. Tetris! Many people will know of Tetris but to those of whom don't, here is...

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