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  1. BurningOrca

    RMMV RegisterShopGoods - A wholesale plugin

    This is an extension plugin for BO_CustomShopsXL which can be found here: It requires a least version 2.0 of BO_CustomShopsXL. Features: Do you know the wholesale functionality from some of the Atelier games? If not I...
  2. BurningOrca

    [Suggestion] Add plugin parameter types for database's "types" tab

    Description of the Feature: Basically add plugin parameter typings like @element, @stype, @etype, @wtype, @atype for elements, skill types, equipment types, weapon types, armor types. We can access almost everything from the database except these. Mockups: Old: * @param Element * @type number...
  3. BurningOrca

    RMMV Why do so many people add a break after return in switch statements

    I've seen something like this example so often now, that I just need to ask: MyPlugin.doConvertNumberToSomething = function(value) { switch(MyPlugin.Param.ConversionOption) { case "Option 1": return MyPlugin.convertOption1(value); break; case...
  4. BurningOrca

    [Suggestion]Icon as type for plugin parameters and plugin command parameters

    Description of the Feature: For plugin parameter that should represent icon indexes I'd like to suggest adding a new type @type icon or @type iconIndex that should basically convert back to a number. If this is already possible and I just didn't find the right @type for this, please tell me...
  5. BurningOrca

    Need most common used english term for a shop selling medicine

    If I use Google Translator to translate "Apotheke", a shop that offers a medicine, from german to english I get the following 4 suggestions: pharmacy drugstore chemist's and chemist's store Currently I've went with drugstore, but google translator tells me pharmacy is more common. I always...
  6. BurningOrca

    Required Assets Folders or at least some wildcard

    Description of the Feature: Allow to specify folders as required Optional: allow wildcard for required assests. RPG Maker MV allows the plugin manager to specify resources not to be removed via the "Exclude unused files" option via the @requiredAssets feature. And despite reading so often in...
  7. BurningOrca

    Shop Category Customization

    Plugin Purpose This plugin let's you customize how category windows are shown in the shop menu. It is plug and play. By default it changes nothing. It comes with three plugin parameters: Buy Categories Window: Contains a switch whether the buy window should be categorized, aswell as layout...
  8. BurningOrca

    Pizza ingredients

    I like to experiment with food and pizza is a very excellent test object. You can put so many different things onto it. So I like to know, what was the most extraordinary ingredient you've ever put onto a pizza?
  9. BurningOrca

    Need english term for a certain food

    Is "Kaiserschmarrn" also an english word? I found a site on the internet that gives me a few translations to german sentences having the word "Kaiserschmarrn" in it. Some of the english sentences also contain the word "Kaiserschmarrn", but some say "sugared pancake" and some say "slices...
  10. BurningOrca

    Problem with encryption

    Hello, I did a deployment test today and I wanted to use encryption. But after entering a key and pressing okay not all files get encrypted. The image files under img/SumRndmDde and it's subfolders get encrypted correctly. But out of all image files under my own custom folder...
  11. BurningOrca

    BurningOrca Plugins

    I thought as many other authors already have created a central thread for all their plugins I will do this aswell. The terms of use apply to all plugins posted here and in the linked threads. Terms of use: Free for non-commercial and commercial use. Credits not required, but appreciated. (It...
  12. BurningOrca

    Bad decisions you've made over the course of creating a game and the reason why

    Basically what the title says. I just want to read about it. Here is my entry: This was a very bad decision. Not only for the play who might try to reset on this in order to get the best stats. But also for me, as I have to balance the game around this. Just an example how bad it is. Level 1...
  13. BurningOrca

    Make animation start at player and end at opponent (Throwing a rock)

    I want to create a skill where the user just throws a rock on to the opponent. For this I have set the Bare Hans animation to "Missile" I've also created an animation, that currently has the following json format: So far it looks really good. My only concern is that, as it is throwing a...
  14. BurningOrca

    More talk about bosses

    Recently I asked people what are their biggest "no goes" when it comes to boss design. This time I'd like to read your opinions/thoughts about specific kinds of bosses: Boss rushes: I cannot tell much about it, because I finished just one in my entire life in Mario & Luigi Bowsers Inside Story...
  15. BurningOrca

    Need help solving issue with own shop plugin

    Hello, the plugin in question is this one: Currently I am in a conversation with a user of this plugin. He send me a demo for an issue I could not reproduce in my own projects, but is reproducible with this demo. The...
  16. BurningOrca

    The best/most interesting/funniest/suprising or worst/most boring/lamest/annoying mechanic you've ever encounter a game (not just RPGs)

    Like the title says I am just interested to read about your expiriences. Please don't write grinding. It's obvious that many people don't like this and I guess those who do like it will easily find a more interesting mechanic to tell me about. About me, I haven't played so many games and most...
  17. BurningOrca

    Designing boss battles

    What are the biggest no goes for you when it comes to designing a boss? For me it is: 1. Taking forever/To high HP: Recently I fought Gullveig (Atelier Escha & Logy) for about 40-50 minutes until I lost. I have the feeling the series is famous for long boss battles. Even Youtube Videos of very...
  18. BurningOrca

    Independend or default items

    I am unsure whether I should use the default items or go with independ items. In my first version I went with default items. They are way easier to handle and thus developing the game takes less time, because almost no thought has to be put into item handling. On the other side independend items...
  19. BurningOrca

    Hide, seek and catch event

    I'd like to implement a little hide, seek and catch between two children into my game. And I'd like to ask you if this can be done via eventing. Basically this is the map. I want the player to catch the event which I outlined in red. The event should run away from the player once the player...
  20. BurningOrca

    Whats wrong with this regular expression

    var test = Window_Base.prototype.convertEscapeCharacters Window_Base.prototype.convertEscapeCharacters = function(text) { text =, text); text = text.replace(/\x1bPPIC\<(\d+)\s*,\s*(.+)\>(\{(Scale:\[([-]?\d+){1},([-]?\d+){1}\])?([,]?\s*Opacity:(\d+){1}?)\})?/gi...

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