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  1. djDarkX

    Using SFonts in HUD Maker

    So, I've searched everywhere and have not been able to find an answer...probably because no one has really done this before thus it's a really niche use case. Still, the problem I'm having is calling the SFont I'm using in HUD Maker to make a custom battle menu with SFonts instead of the...
  2. djDarkX

    Mosaic Battle Transition

    Hey everyone! I was wondering if someone would be kind enough to make a small, quick plugin for a mosaic effect for a battle transition. Someone made one quite some time ago and it looks like it worked, but version never went past 0.1 and it won't work on the latest version of MV. The script...
  3. djDarkX


    So, everyone. Real life has caught up with us and decided it's going to punish us for the wrong doings of other people. Sufficed to say, I'm not really all that surprised, but there's nothing we can do. I won't spell out the whole situation, but the conclusion is that my mother and I, who I...
  4. djDarkX

    djDarkX's Remastered Works

    Hey everyone! There is some music for your listening pleasure. All are remastered works, basically from the RM family. I can't exactly put up stuff from other places or from commercial console games since, well, they have a copyright attached, but nonetheless, I'll be putting up links to some...
  5. djDarkX

    Flash going away soon and what this means for you!

    So many of you have heard that Flash will be End-Of-Lifed in 2020. What does that mean? Like Windows, it will no longer receive updates at all, so it will eventually turn into more of a security and vulnerability risk than it already is. Most people don't know, but Flash, like Java, is not...
  6. djDarkX

    My budget PC (with progress report)

    So, over the last few months, my friends here on RMW, and some of you who saw my status as well, knew I was working on building a new PC. Well, I finally finished. It's a glorious triumph of quiet operation and good specs, while not breaking the bank, so to speak. So here's how it went and to...
  7. djDarkX

    Tiled Tutorial (RPG Maker MV Edition)

    So you want to use the Tiled plugin to gain more control over your mapping but just aren't quite sure how to get started or might be scared you would break something? No worries! I've created a video tutorial to help you get started with the basics! It's nothing fancy, has me stuttering in a...
  8. djDarkX

    Additional DS/DS+ BGM's and ME's?

    I know this is a VERY big long shot, but I've heard the non-Ace versions of the music from DS+ as well as the ME's in DS, which some were shared between the two games, but is there any chance at all of getting the DS+ exclusive music as well as the DS/DS+ exclusive ME's? I've been wanting these...
  9. djDarkX

    RPG Maker MV for Linux (for newbies)

    Hey everyone! So, you want to learn how to develop your MV projects on Linux but not sure how to go about it or even install it? It's actually really easy! I know there are instructions, but they didn't really make any sense to me and I'm currently using an Ubuntu-based distribution called...
  10. djDarkX

    Mr. Trivel Item Color adjustment

    Hey everyone! So, I fixed Mr. Trivel's Item Colors plugin due to it not recognizing the developers custom hex colors (the linked plugin still has this issue as it's the original and has not been updated yet), but the reason for this thread is to ask about getting the name of the item's color...
  11. djDarkX

    Rainbow Text [Terraria Style]

    So, I was wondering if this was possible. I wanted to know if a plugin could be made that could change the color of a certain tier of armor/weapons/items, using an escape code or note tag in the database editor for the item in question, that would cycle through colors either hardcoded or...
  12. djDarkX

    Change System SE (via script call)

    Just as the title says, I'm looking for a way to change certain system sound effects just before a battle and then change them back to the way they were before so that I can have individualized boss death sound effects for certain bosses. Any way to achieve this?  Thanks for taking the time...
  13. djDarkX

    Yanfly Message Core Text Positioning Tool

    Hey everyone! I know the title is a mouthful, so really you can call it the Yanfly Text Tool if you want, but just as the title implies, it only works to help you position text (using the x coordinate only) in a message window. The whys and whats are on the page for the tool.  I was...
  14. djDarkX

    Followers using Pathfinding

    Anyone know if there are any pathfinding plugins that work with followers or a combination of plugins that have the same effect?  Using move routes for followers can be tedious if you need to use a lot of different directions and what not and/or you talk to an NPC and need them positioned in...
  15. djDarkX

    "RTP" Victory BGM for YEP Victory Aftermath

    Hey everyone!  I always loved how the new Victory 1 ME sounds and I like how the looping version was added in and could be used with Yanfly's Victory Aftermath plugin to add it in like a normal jRPG victory theme, but one thing that bothered me was that you couldn't hear the start of the looping...
  16. djDarkX

    Report for Status Feeds

    Lately, some people have been breaking the rules of the Status Feed, not that I'm innocent since I've done it a couple of times by accident, but sometimes Mods don't see them due to checking the rest of the forums for things that need a Mods attention or other such things. Anyway we can ever...
  17. djDarkX

    Corrected MIDI for RM2003!

    Hey everyone! Anyone who used 2003 way back in the day, and was using a Yamaha XG SoftSynth or Roland Sound Canvas, may have noticed something different about one of the music files included in the RTP.  I can't remember what the old name of it was, but in the English RTP, the MIDI is called...
  18. djDarkX

    Text Formatting (Message Boxes)

    So, I was wondering if someone is or can work on a plugin for MV that would format text (mostly for the alignment) like modernalgebra's Formatting from Ace.  You were able to center or even right align text in a message box and it really was a nice.  Since the other features of his script are...
  19. djDarkX

    Gameplay Lag (Possible Solution)

    So, many of us get lag when we do test plays or even if we run the games in Chrome or Firefox or even (heaven forbid) Internet Explorer.  Well, I was having these issues as well.  The editor is pretty solid for me, but the one thing that was dragging down my experience was the gameplay for...
  20. djDarkX

    MV equivalent of @pattern from Ace

    So, someone asked this earlier, but the answer was not exactly satisfactory.  In Ace, if you needed to do one step in an animation, you would just do a script call in a move route and type in @pattern = 0/1/2/etc. to be able to get the exact step animation you'd want.  Now, I tried @pattern in...

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