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  1. Dark Phoenix

    the use of "class" in JS

    Javascript is easy to learn. It ain't easy to master.
  2. Dark Phoenix

    Actual JS code from RPG Maker MV

    I've been wondering this for a while, but what Javascript library is the base for RPG Maker MV? It's clearly not NodeJS. Is it just straight browser stuff? If so, what's stopping you from using Browser if you to do NodeJS - like scripts? I meant Browserify - stupid Spellchecker.
  3. Dark Phoenix

    how to do inheritance in JS?

    This is why I suggest using something like the Augment library I posted above.  Actually keeping inheritance working in vanilla Javascript is somewhat odd. But anyway, to answer your question: function Scene_MenuBase() {}function Scene_Menu() {}Scene_Menu.prototype = Scene_MenuBase;var menu =...
  4. Dark Phoenix

    how to do inheritance in JS?

    It does seem weird at first.  The way it works is that Child.prototype is the parent of Child, so if you set Child.prototype to Parent, then Child has access to Parent's properties.  Every object that can be created with new has a prototype, so you can actually do stuff like...
  5. Dark Phoenix

    how to do inheritance in JS?

    Javascript's inheritance doesn't work like Ruby's (or like most other mainstream languages).  You'd probably do something like this. var Parent = function (item1) { this.item1 = item1;}var Child = function (item2) { this.item2 = item2;}Child.prototype = Parent;There are also libraries...
  6. Dark Phoenix

    Will we be able to write plugins in languages compiled to JS?

    That's not the right question to be asking.  Since the compilers convert straight to Javascript, compatibility isn't a problem.  The question should be, will it be possible to load the language compiler into the engine and use the languages natively. So the real question underlying this is, is...
  7. Dark Phoenix

    Please sign this petition...

    One of the few times you'll see the word "troll" show up in a legal decision.  The judge described the actions of Edge Games as "trolling various gaming-related industries for licensing opportunities".
  8. Dark Phoenix

    Please sign this petition...

    IANAL, but I believe trademarks can only be enforced within the context of the business they're being registered for.  Google can't sue anybody who uses the world "glass"; the trademark is to prevent somebody from releasing a similar product and calling IT "Glass". BTW, the whole...
  9. Dark Phoenix

    Games you hate, yet everyone else cherishes.

    No, characters like Tidus and Vaan are there because since the major success of FF7 and FF8, Square has decreed that every Final Fantasy has to have a lead with the following characteristics: - Male - Age 16-21 - Full of either angst or retarded joyfulness - Lack of realization that the...
  10. Dark Phoenix

    Can someone recommend me a great JRPG for PS3.

    Nippon Ichi's NA releases in general, though you have to be willing to wade through some really experimental stuff...
  11. Dark Phoenix

    Your favorite TURN-BASED Battle System?

    I was hoping someone'd mention this one.  PSIV was ahead of its time in a lot of ways; although a lot of other games gave you combination attacks, PSIV gave you macros to go along with it, so you could pre-program your preferred battle strategies before a tough fight.  Or auto-setup a specific...
  12. Dark Phoenix

    What are you favorite JRPGs and what JRPGs do you recommend

    Interesting that The Granstream Saga is brought up, but nothing about the Heaven & Earth series that it belongs to... For those who don't know, the H&E series is the following: Actraiser (more of a simulation than an RPG, but stiill awesome) Soul Blazer Illusion Of Gaia Terranigma The...
  13. Dark Phoenix

    What are you favorite JRPGs and what JRPGs do you recommend

    It is an incredible game, but perfection it is not.  Maybe if they'd finished it PROPERLY...
  14. Dark Phoenix

    Games you hate, yet everyone else cherishes.

    You tried 7 Days To Die?  It's basically Minecraft with Zombies.  From what I've seen, most of what you described is in there.
  15. Dark Phoenix

    Games you love, but no one has ever heard of

    OMG, I forgot one of the greatest series of all time: the Deception series! Deception: Invitation to Darkness Kagero: Deception II Deception III: Dark Delusion Trapt (aka Kagero II) Deception IV: Blood Ties Other than the first one (which hasn't aged well at all), the whole series is...
  16. Dark Phoenix

    Games you hate, yet everyone else cherishes.

    I never got into Kingdom Hearts, and I tried once.  I just don't seem to like that kind of action-RPG hybrid (I don't seem to have the reflexes I had when I was younger).
  17. Dark Phoenix

    Games you hate, yet everyone else cherishes.

    I'm going to mention the same thing I did in the Final Fantasy topic; although the plot point is utterly ridiculous when you sit and think about it, it is revealed in the middle of probably the game's most awesome moment.  As a result, the whole "man this is stupid" thoughts tend to come after...
  18. Dark Phoenix

    Final Fantasy Series

    Basch should have been the main character of FF12, if Ashe wasn't; really, it's mostly HIS story.  IIRC, he was supposed to be the main character originally; Vaan is the result of Executive Meddling.
  19. Dark Phoenix

    Final Fantasy Series


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