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  1. Indsh

    Loader for browser

    None of the resource loaders work for browser,would be grateful for any direction on what the coding would be needed
  2. Indsh

    Browser Variations 2

    Now I have my game up and running on browser and started getting some beta testing. Now this hasn't been reporting but I have now seen more than once that objects set to "above" are appearing "below" One time the image was set through event One time the image was set through tileset Has...
  3. Indsh

    Browser Variations

    So i'm deploying my game for browser play and its currently playable but im seeing changes. atm i'm pretty sure one plugin and common events are not running, but this is what I have noticed before getting on the second map. I just want to know generally what changes when you export for...
  4. Indsh

    Resize PNG

    I have managed to create a system that copy and pastes PNGs whist the game is running for effects I have coded successfully, now what I would now like to do is resize those PNGs. Any advise between Canvus and Pixi to make this happen?
  5. Indsh

    Scripting Circular References and Serialization

    Does anyone know where this file is? (
  6. Indsh


    About a month ago I found a resource that had Fairies at 3 different sizes First size look like "Navi" and then it scaled up to body and face features being visible. I thought i downloaded it at the time but can't find it now. Does anyone know where it is? It was an MV resource so the MV...
  7. Indsh

    Save Issue

    Will not allow me to save in Game. I can save my project. I can load files. It just won't save anymore
  8. Indsh

    Show Picture From Different Folder

    I have created an evented book system and am looking for a light wait solution to calling $gameScreen.showPicture(1, "pic_1", 0, 20, 300, 100, 100, 255, 0) for example but it loading from this.loadBitmap('img/book/', filename, hue, true); instead of this.loadBitmap('img/pictures/'...
  9. Indsh

    Creating New Scenes

    Hello! I am coming close to releasing my game and I want to tidy it up by making a few of my plugins have there own Scene rather than the evented choices I currently have. I followed this guide...
  10. Indsh

    Framed Pictures

    I know that somebody made a load of edits with the framed pictures RMMV. Could someone point me in the right direction please!
  11. Indsh

    RPG MAKER MV on Nintendo Switch, PS4 & XBOX one

    Here is what looks like a very offical trailor, could someone please tell me about this good news
  12. Indsh

    How many Wepons and Armors?

    Is there an eqivilent for: $gameParty.numItems(n) That will do the same for wepons and armors, I have already created the work around just checking I'm not missing something simple or that dyslexia has failed me somewhere. Cheers
  13. Indsh

    Big Tiles

    Hello everyone, there was a plugin I saw a while ago but stupidly did not download at the time. It allowed you to set events to take up more than one tile both activating other events with 'event touch' (if you set to play) or that would allow 'Action button' on every tile if it was the player...
  14. Indsh

    Action Button Glitch

    I have found a bug, I still have to test it later today on a new game to see if its to do with plugin's but appricate it if others could test. Very simply I have a camera pan to give you the layout of a cave you have just entered, there is a switch to clear your path right at the start, it has...
  15. Indsh

    Pause game

    So I am creating a game which has an ABS. When things are ''Calm" you can change your formation but when things are "Crazy" a further option screen opens up, through a common event, so you can control the AI of your party. What I would like to know is how to "Pause" the game in the same way...
  16. Indsh

    In party but don't follower

    I would like to make one of my party members a follower and the other not, I can't just change opacity as follower(1) creates an invisable barrior and would like the physicality of follower(0) to remain the same. 3 party members, one follower, one who is not. Any info would be helpful
  17. Indsh

    Shop kepper diolog

    Hey i'm looking for the easyest way to have shop keepers just say 'thanks' if you buy something but say 'bye' if you don't. I feel like i'm over complicating it in my head. Any ideas?
  18. Indsh

    Mac steam use

    Can someone please confirm that this is working, if this post is appropriate I'm sorry and please delete
  19. Indsh

    Walking Animation ON in Javascript

    I'm saving processing power where ever I can and need the scipt call for "Walking Animation ON" This would do me but a call list for all movement routes would be very helpful
  20. Indsh

    Plugin Error

    This code: var _Game_Interpreter_pluginCommand = Game_Interpreter.prototype.pluginCommand; Game_Interpreter.prototype.pluginCommand = function(command, args) { // to be overridden by plugins _Game_Interpreter_pluginCommand.apply(this); }: Is coming up with this error: Cannot read...

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