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  1. PhoenixX92

    YanFly Core Engine Level >99 Stat Scaling Issues

    So, when I'm going over level 99, there's an issue with how it scales stats. I'm not sure how it's doing its math, but it's all over the place. Some stats scale properly, some don't increase beyond level 99 stats, and I'm getting healers who are better in physical attack than magic attack or...
  2. PhoenixX92

    Multiple actions for enemies within YanFly's Battle AI Core?

    When I add Action Times+ to traits, it doesn't work? The enemies only act once unless confused. How do I add this? I don't see anything in the documentation.
  3. PhoenixX92

    Set initial max level, increase it at a certain point YanFly's core engine?

    Essentially title. I'm looking to increase the level cap post-story. Lock it to 99 for the story in typical RPG fashion, then crank it to 9999 after the story for kind of a "Enjoy breaking yourself and being OP" so side quests done after the main story can keep you enjoying getting new skills...
  4. PhoenixX92

    YanFly Enemy AI "Random %" skills not working

    Okay, so here's what I've got: A 45% chance for each of those skills being used, and instead, it always uses the one listed as "Always". I was fighting it, and it wouldn't use those "Random %" skills, so I made an actor and the enemy immune to death, made it autobattle, turned on Bandicam, and...
  5. PhoenixX92

    Remove Yanfly skill cooldown with second skill?

    Surely via Lunatic Mode you can create a new skill to clear a cooldown? I figured someone here has created such a thing for the script, so I came to ask. If not, that's okay. I'll make one and post it here if it hasn't been done yet. Looking to create an ability that will restore a skill that's...
  6. PhoenixX92

    How to make JS round a decimal to a whole number?

    Hey, guys! Found a snippet earlier from @JamesRyan : <Custom React Effect> if (value > 0 && this.isPhysical()){ var heal = value * 0.8; target.gainHp(heal); target.startDamagePopup(); target.startAnimation(x); //Change x into an animation ID if you want to display animation when this effect is...
  7. PhoenixX92

    YF Auto Passive/Buffs & States ; Damage "reduction"

    Yay, Lunatic Mode! Okay, so, I was reading about the Thornmail on YanFly's site, and got to wondering: What if you could adjust that and make it heal the target after damage instead of doing recoil to the user? The state would heal, but only after the original damage was calculated and applied...
  8. PhoenixX92

    How do I make AGI boosts have immediate effect?

    Okay, AGI boost skill speed set to match guard speed. A1 is using it. Turn order: A1 > E1 > A2 How to make A1's AGI boost have immediate effect and jump A2 ahead of E1 during actions instead of waiting for the start of a new turn? Purpose of such is a combo move between two actors. A supporter...
  9. PhoenixX92

    How do I add if/else based on switch in formulas

    Okay, I know that this is most likely in the wrong part of the forums, but I couldn't really pinpoint where to put it, so I went to specific. Pretty sure it goes in the JS boards... But I'm not sure which, so my sincere apologies to the mods. Anyway, I need an attack's damage formula to check...
  10. PhoenixX92

    Add Cube/Square in damage formulas?

    Example: (v[1] + v[2] + v[3])² * a.atk - b.def * 3 How to do it? Or is it even possible? Since it's text, would I simply use "^2"? Simply trying to figure out the limitations of the formulas and exactly how to use it to its fullest. If you have an "ultimate guide to formulas" or something...
  11. PhoenixX92

    Brackets/Parentheses in damage formula?

    Probably been asked before, but I can't find it. BEDMAS/PEMDAS... Does it work damage calculation? I need two variables added together before the rest of the equation for damages, so clearly brackets/parentheses is required to do this.
  12. PhoenixX92

    Preserving battery life and drive space on mobile when doing cut scenes

    So, cutting resource usage to preserve battery life... Here's a question: Cut scenes. What's better to do, quality aside, which is better for battery life and storage space? Video playback, or spend the time converting the videos to .gif images, and running an audio file underneath it? I know a...
  13. PhoenixX92

    Target selecting system like FF4?

    Magus Sisters comes to mind. They cast reflect on themselves, and the only way to damage them is to cast reflect on yourself, then bounce your offensive magic off your own party to hit them. Anyone got a script that allows you to choose anyone with any skill? As well as, a way to select skills...
  14. PhoenixX92

    Special conditions to make healing skills deal damage

    Title. We've all saw it in a few RPG's here and there, where things like the undead can be damaged by healing spells. How would you go about setting that up? Pharmacology/Recovery Effect in the SP-Parameters can't be placed into the negatives, so?
  15. PhoenixX92

    Stop character animation from changing to 'damage' when guarding

    Looking for a plug-in that stops the character animation from changing to damage, when taking damage, if the character is guarding. Surely there's one out there. Anyone know of one?
  16. PhoenixX92

    I have an Alice in Wonderland themed icon set I'm working on and need ideas

    Sooo... Yeah. I was browsing the DLC for Maker MV on Steam and saw an Alice in Wonderland music pack, and I have always adored AiW, so I went looking for tiles/sprites/whatever related to it and ultimately came up with nothing, so I decided to make an iconset which I'll post on here once it's...
  17. PhoenixX92

    SV Actor Weapon Resources

    Got bored, made these. They'll all work if your character is human and the base is the default body MV uses for its sprites, with no adjustments to any of these. Attached to this are the scythe and red sword in both Game Character Hub: Portfolio Edition and Photoshop formats. Both are separate...
  18. PhoenixX92

    Changing SV animations for skills.

    How to make specific skills(magic, special, etc) use the SV attack animation? Making double attack skills, attack-all skills, etc... How do I make the SV animation swing a weapon instead of doing a casting animation?
  19. PhoenixX92

    How to add variables into attack damage formulas?

    Probably a frequently asked question, but I was unable to find one. To prevent a lot of pointless reading just in case: I know in VX Ace you could do, for example "$game_variables[6]" for it, does this same thing still work on MV or no? If so, is that what I use? If not, topic. There's a...
  20. PhoenixX92

    [MV] Looking for an in-battle menu that shows all statuses on active party

    Surely one exists... Anybody know where to get one? Fights that have an enemy cast a ton of ailments on you is rough to have without the ability to see all ailments afflicting the party. Any kind would be just fine. Whether it's automatically pulled up somewhere in battle, another menu option in...

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