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  1. Makeratore

    Animated Loading Screen

    I'm trying to use an animated loading screen instead of a static image with this script by Iavra (original topic here). The problem comes when I want to test the loading screen: my computer is so powerful and fast that the loading screen doesn't appear at all. XD It sounds strange, but it is as...
  2. Makeratore

    Custom conditional branch

    I have this conditional branch with this plugin: When I start the event, this error appears:
  3. Makeratore

    Season Pass for MV

    I've found this Season Pass for RPG Maker MV on Steam: But I don't understand: if I buy this Pass, will I get the 4 DLCs for free when they're released? How does this Pass work?
  4. Makeratore

    Ultra Lighting Script on Steam

    I wonder if Ultra Lighting Script for RPG Maker VX Ace will be also sold on Steam, because at the moment I cannot buy it from the official web site.
  5. Makeratore


    I don't remember if I've already presented myself, but I can do this now. XD So, I'm 17 years old. My name is Samuele, but in the forum you can call me Makeratore or Mak or whatever you want. I'm from Rome and obviously my first language is italian. I won't say "Sorry for my bad english"...

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