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  1. acirnep

    Minimalist sprites in a limited palette with realistic proportions

    I'm looking for a sprite (if there's more than one, even better) done in a minimal stile, just few basic colors, with realistic proportion, not chibi. For instance, something like this which is taken from Canabalt. It doesn't have to be black and white, color is fine. Any help is welcome!
  2. acirnep

    acirnep bits for contemporary city settings

    I'm working on a game set in a contemporary city, so here are some things I've made. Since they are based on MV RTP, you need to own a copy of MV. They are otherwise free to use for commercial and non commercial. Free to edit and repost, credit is appreciated but not necessary. In a city there...
  3. acirnep

    Step-based time system - that doesn't work

    The idea at the base of the game I'm working on is that there are a large number of events going on, and there is limited time available, so the player needs to choose which events they want to attend. So I need a time system. However, for a variety of reasons, I do not want to use a time system...
  4. acirnep

    Tutorial from the help menu does not work

    Hello! I have recently bought MV, and I planned to do a lot more reading and experimenting before joining the forum and start pestering you all... but I am stuck already :elswt2: I have been trying to go through the program tutorial, at first it works fine, I create the new project, and then it...

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