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  1. Dark Horseman

    Question about legal ownership of commissioned assets

    So for those with experience hiring or commissioning an outside party for your commercial project, do you guys normally set any terms or write a contract for usage/rights? Like is it sufficient to just write in an e-mail, "Hey, I'm paying for this artwork to be used in a commercial game. If you...
  2. Dark Horseman

    How would you allocate a theoretical $10,000 to your game?

    Just assuming you could dedicate those funds comfortably towards the development of your rpg. And I know that's not a significant amount of money, so if we want to go even crazier, you could dream up a $100,000+ situation... Anyway, would you get special scene artwork, better maps, hire a...
  3. Dark Horseman

    Favorite approaches for game openings?

    I know "burning village" and "waking up late to a ceremony" are the most overdone openers in official and amateur jrpgs, but which ones are your most favorite/memorable approaches to one? Asking because I'm trying to brain-storm themes for my own project. Personally, mine are the kinds that go...
  4. Dark Horseman

    Expected commission costs for SV actor sprites?

    So I was hoping to spend money on custom resources - specifically sideview actor-battle sprites - and wanted to get an idea how much they might run. Asking for anyone's experience here first since I didn't want to feel like I was getting cheated or to avoid haggling an artist unfairly. As an...
  5. Dark Horseman

    RM Community Game Completion Poll

    Curious how far most of the community's games are coming along and get an idea how long it takes on average to finish a project. If anyone's willing to post the length of time or estimate of the number of hours to complete their game, that'd be helpful, too.
  6. Dark Horseman

    Gallery Upload Error

    Error Message: Does everyone else get server errors when trying to upload to the gallery, or am I the only one who's getting errors? Tried both Basic and Flash 9 mode. Just wanted to upload a bust and battler.
  7. Dark Horseman

    Favorite Battle System (atb, etc) Available for Ace?

    I know a lot of people have a preference for battle systems in JRPGs they've played in the past, but what about systems available as custom scripts for Ace? Things such as Victor ATB or Archeia CTB or the action rpg scripts for compatibility and feel. For example, although action rpgs are one of...
  8. Dark Horseman

    How much money have you spent on your projects?

    I used to assume something like 99% of the rpgmaker community only bought the client and hungrily sought out free resources, but it seems there's quite a few people dropping a lot of money into their work. I've spent only about $150 in packs and script commissions justifying it as the amount of...
  9. Dark Horseman

    Fair price for Battle Animations?

    Not something I've found talked about or offered: how much do people normally charge for battle animations? (both from scratch or tailored from existing RTP). I haven't really noticed any RPGMaker games that have bothered to add new animations whereas they've customized literally everything...
  10. Dark Horseman

    (6/2/15) Dark Horseman's Art Suppository

    Update 6/2/15: Touched up Mira Battler since I felt I'm able to make her look a little better now. Update 5/31/15: Battler for Gareth complete. Comes in flavors of normal actor, helmeted, and larger-generic-enemy-soldier-battler.                    Howdy. Welcome to my gallery. There's free...

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