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  1. BleachBummer

    Victor script errors & MOG script confusion

    Yeah, this is a two in one title but let me explain first. Originally I was using the following scripts made by Victor: Basic ModuleAnimated BattleSkip Battle LogActors BattlersActive Time BattleElement SetCooperation SkillsDamage PopupState GraphicsTarget ArrowToggle TargetRotational...
  2. BleachBummer

    Neo Gauge Ultimate Ace Help

    I was wondering how can I make it change how gauges from other scripts are drawn. Mainly the ones listed in the images and in the description below, color I can worry about later, just like them drawn in the way this script draws the other scripts. If anyone can edit the script to do such or...
  3. BleachBummer

    Yanfly's Ace Equip Engine & Yami's Equipment Learning Compatiblity Help

    I don't know if someone asked this, but how do I make the screen look like how it would look in the first picture with the same elements from the first? (Meaning have the 5th equipment slot I made in the equipment menu and show the available skills along with how close you are to mastering them...
  4. BleachBummer

    Weird Glitch/Whatever it is with Pictures

    Not sure if this has been solved or not but would like to ask just in case. For some reason the picture events are glitching for me to the point if I used a picture on a previous map and erased it, then when I go to another map and try using a new picture of the same number, the new images...
  5. BleachBummer

    Puella Magi Elaine Magica -Recruuitment- (A fan-game of the Madoka Magica series)

    Back in 2011, I started working on an RPG fan-game based on the "Puella Magi Madoka Magica series". Originally this was being made on RPG Maker VX, but as of this year (with a temporarily loss of motivation in between 2012 to now) has been rebooted to RPG Maker VX Ace. The game is progressing...
  6. BleachBummer

    Action Command Battle Script

    While I am slowly and surely studying how to code in Ruby, I'm looking for a script that gives a action command battle systems similar to the Mario and Luigi games or at the very least, something VERY similar and/or close to it. It also has to be compatible with some of Victor Scripts' (mainly...

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