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  1. negative_headed

    A confession letter

    I haven't posted in a while so this will seem really out of left field but hey, I'm bored at the moment so why not? Right? I bought RPGMaker VXAce on Steam and signed up for this site, I played with the tools, not for the first time in my life and tried to see what a modern me could do with it...
  2. negative_headed

    How to pic your pic? pic you pick? pick your...

    A few days in and I keep thinking to myself, profile pic - probably something I should get done. But to me this is one of those things where I'm all weird about. A picture of something I've drawn? well maybe but I draw things that don't necessarily mean much about me personally, if I use...
  3. negative_headed

    Late Greeting

    I've posted a bit today but I might as well get this up and out of the way. Hello nice to meet you all, I'm Negative_Headed, don't let my name mislead in any way I'm fairly cheerful. I'm 25, and my primary language is English. I understand Japanese and some Spanish but I refuse to speak either...
  4. negative_headed

    Customizing Menus and GUI in general

    I'm trying to change up the menus in my game to remove and add different drawn elements and I'm steadily realizing just how little the developers wanted you to be able to change in most of the displays. I'm just trying to display the hit and eva rates as well as the value of certain variables...

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Tomorrow is Thanksgiving, and I'm so excited! I've been exploring MZ a little, and I just downloaded Effekseer to make new animations. I have experience in 3D animation software, so I'll be pretty good at the whole "particle" thing. My first game on MZ will be Fantasy Force--starring a griffin, a dragon, and a pegasus fighting against the Dragon of Darkness.

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