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  1. Myst88

    Yanfly's EventChasePlayer for 'On Map Encounters'

    @Acydcross: Don't have it set to same as random encounter. Have it set to direct designation. If you want it completely random, Yanfly has a swap enemies plugin. Or if you want a bit more control set up a variable for your encounters, and make it a random number say between 0 and 2. Then set up...
  2. Myst88

    Yanfly's EventChasePlayer for 'On Map Encounters'

    @Acydcross: In that case simply leave the encounters in general settings blank.
  3. Myst88

    Yanfly's EventChasePlayer for 'On Map Encounters'

    Ok so just so I understand what you want here, you don't want random encounters but visible enemies on the map that will chase the player if they see them and start a battle? First of all on your enemy event set the trigger to 'Event touch' and the frequency to 5: highest. give it a custom move...
  4. Myst88

    JavaScript questions that don't deserve their own thread

    @ramza Perfect. Thank you so much!
  5. Myst88

    JavaScript questions that don't deserve their own thread

    Hope this is the right thread for this. Don't think it needs its own thread... I just bought Atelier Irina's new plugin. It's a recruiting board that allows me to hire party members. Only problem I'm facing is that it allows me to buy them all at once, it's not taking the party limit into...
  6. Myst88

    [SOLVED] Using items for both alive and KO chars...

    I know Yanfly's action sequence plugin allows you to target all allies even dead ones. Have a look at that.
  7. Myst88

    Repeating Skills

    Perfect! Thank you. :smile:
  8. Myst88

    Repeating Skills

    @Milennin: I wanted it to be a attack each turn. So the enemy could still defend. Or if the caster dies the effect ends, regardless of how many turns it had left.
  9. Myst88

    Repeating Skills

    I was wondering if there was a way to make a skill that repeats itself, while the user can still use other skills? For example the Mage can cast meteor, and at the end of every turn it'll deal damage to all enemies. But even while this is going on she can still do other actions. I thought the...
  10. Myst88

    Game & Map Screenshots 9

    A waterfall in a forest.
  11. Myst88

    Looking for advice on the beginning of my game

    How about the character wakes up in the temple with no idea how he got there? Or slightly different. He starts exploring, all seems fairly normal. Then he blacks out and is a completely different part of the temple, with no clear exit. How he woke up in a random part of the temple could either...
  12. Myst88

    How do you Feel About Heavy Use of RTP?

    I like the RTP. Some people have made really good maps with it. That said, if you intend to sell your game I would suggest not using default anything. If you want people to part with their money then you have to make them feel like it's worth it.
  13. Myst88

    In a RPG? Do you have prefered sexes for story?

    Honestly, I prefer playing females. If the game gives you a choice of what gender you play as I always pick a female. But that's not to say I don't enjoy games with a male protagonist. I certainly don't think less of games if I have to play as a man. I guess being a woman myself I tend to...
  14. Myst88

    Game & Map Screenshots 8

    Loving the new FSM tileset. Been playing around with it a lot since I brought it. The most recent map I've done is a village Bar.
  15. Myst88

    FSM: Town of Beginnings Tiles

    @Liak I'm having problems with paypal as well. And I tried buying it on Steam. It's strange since I only brought something on steam a couple of days ago via Paypal, so I'm not sure why there is suddenly a problem. Something up with Paypal maybe? Anyway hope it gets sorted soon as I really want this!
  16. Myst88

    Which Weapon goes best with which Element?

    For me it would be. Fire: Swords/Axes/Claws. When you think of fire, aggression and power come to mind. So pure melee weapons fit best. Water: Staffs/Poles. Water is graceful, and gentle but can also be incredibly dangerous and powerful. I think of nurturing type of characters so basically...
  17. Myst88

    Game & Map Screenshots 8

    Been working on my night effects for far too long. Everything is either too light or too dark. I think I'm fairly satisfied now though.
  18. Myst88

    Yanfly Equip Core Question

    So do you mean you don't want any males wearing body equipment? Or is the chest armor separate? If the chest armor is separate then still create it in the database. Then if you check the equip core help file their are some notetags that allow you to change what characters can equip. <Equip...
  19. Myst88

    Orange Mapshot

    Strange thing happend today. It just stopped working. I used it perfectly fine. Then about half an hour later it would say it saved the map, and the file would pop up, but no image. I checked permissions, made sure everyone had full permissions. And I tried changing the destination folder...
  20. Myst88

    Yanfly Equip Core Question

    As far as I know there is no notetag. You can create a Female armor type in the armor types in the database. Then just make sure that only the female party members can equip that type. (That's what I did anyway.)

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