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  1. So, can this even be activated anymore?

    I'm trying to take a look at IG Maker. I don't plan to seriously use it for anything; I just want to look at some of the templates they had. Kind of interesting stuff in there, at least to me. However, I'm having trouble activating the trial. It seems to go on and on without actually doing...
  2. Strange problem with multiple text macros.

    Hey there. I'm having a strange problem with text macros. It seems that, whenever I use more than one text macro in a Show Text event, the game hangs on that event. Is this a bug, or am I doing something wrong?
  3. YEP Counter Control Issues

    Okay, so I'm trying to set up a counter condition using YEP Counter Control, where a particular enemy will only use its counter when it is hit by a steal skill, which will causes it to dodge the steal skill and then flee. However, I'm finding that no matter how I set the counter condition, the...
  4. YEP_SelectionControl interacts weirdly with my plugin.

    Okay, so, I created a plugin primarily for internal use. It essentially allows states to reverse battlers' friends and opponent units, causing them to fight to the other side. However, there is a strange glitch: when Yanfly's Selection Control is turned on, a battler under a "reverse" state can...
  5. When you lose progress on your project.

    So, I recently had my computer break down, and to make a long story short, I ended up losing all the data on my computer. I managed to find a backup of my project, but I've lost a significant amount of progress, including a rather long bonus dungeon. Now, I'm wondering if I even want to continue...
  6. So, how would you transcribe this melody?

    So, I have this bit of music that I've been trying to transcribe for a while now, and I've had no luck getting it to come out right. Here it is, hummed by me: How would you transcribe this melody? Thanks.
  7. State Rate 0% Not Working

    Okay, so here's the deal. I have a piece of equipment that's supposed to set state rates to 0%, thus making the wearer immune to that state; however, often times the character is inflicted with the status effect anyways. Is this a known bug? What causes it, and how do I fix it? Thank you.
  8. Is it okay to create a duplicate RMW account if you can't get into your old one?

    So, I'm pretty much locked out of my RPG Maker Web account (as opposed to my forum account). You see, I can't remember my password, and thus far, I've been unable to receive the password reset email. This is a problem, because I want to order RPG Maker MV, and I need to get into my account to...
  9. VX Ace isn't even starting...

    Okay, so whenever I try and open RPG Maker VX Ace, I keep getting this error message: Okay, so how exactly should I go about getting VX Ace working again? Should I do as the error message says, or do something else? And what is even going on here, anyways? EDIT: Never mind, it seems to be...
  10. Advice for designing blocks-in-path puzzles

    I would like some advice on designing a particular type of puzzle. Specifically, block puzzles where all the player needs to do is move the blocks out of the way. You know, kind of like in Seafloor Cavern in Pokemon R/S/E? Any advice would be appreciated.
  11. Missing Sengoku NPCs in DS+ Pack

    Hello! I just noticed that the DS+ pack, even in its latest update, lacks sprites for two characters that have faces and busts: the ninja, and the shrine maiden. Why is this, and when will the sprites become available? Thank you.
  12. Pieces of equipment per dungeon?

    Hey everyone. So, I'm designing the dungeons for a game right now, and I'm wondering how I should handle equipment in my treasure. I think I heard somewhere - don't know where - that you should only have one piece of equipment per dungeon. Is this true? If not, then how many is too many? Thank you.
  13. Need ideas for "silly" armor.

    So, I'm working on a modern-day game, and it's not one that takes itself too seriously. In fact, I want a good portion of my armor to be things that were not originally designed as armor, instead serving another purpose in modern-day life. T-shirts, for example, would count, as they are designed...
  14. Where to post this topic?

    So, I have a specific project which has a certain need, and I want to make a topic to fill that need specifically. It's a need that other RPGs may have one day, and it just so happens that my current RPG has it today. So, where would I post it, exactly? Thank you.
  15. Having trouble getting into my RPG Maker account

    Okay, so since I cannot for the life of me remember my password for my RPG Maker Web account (not forum account), I decided to reset my password. The problem is, I'm not getting the e-mails! It's been a while since my first attempt, and I still have not received any e-mail from this site. Am I...
  16. On Planning Maps

    I'm currently working on a game with RPG Maker. What I've been doing is, I've been planning each aspect of the game out, then implementing them. It's worked rather well for me so far. However, there's an area where I don't know how to implement this principle. You see, I've been planning my...
  17. Window won't close fully, and Scene won't animate properly

    I'm working on a Mastermind minigame for my current project, and I'm having a problem. I have a "Give Up" function, which ends the game early. It does this by running an end_game() function. Here's the relevant code: Class Window_SecretCode < Window_PegBoard def reveal_code...
  18. Added a second item screen to Window_Message, but game freezes when I try to open it

    Okay, so, I decided to make a new item window and add it to Window_Message. The thing is, whenever I try to open the thing, the window doesn't open, and the game just freezes. The relevant code is here: class Window_Message < Window_Base alias worlds_create_all_windows create_all_windows def...

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