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  1. Dickjutsu

    FREE Testers Needed For Monster Re-Release

    Engine: RPG Maker VXAce (I know, old, right?) Job Synopsis: Monster was originally created in 2014 as a gamejam/competition entry but we have improved upon it since then and after leaving it shelved for some time due to some game breaking bugs caused by our improvements - we finally found...
  2. Dickjutsu

    Alternative Battle Systems

    So for one of the projects I'm on we've been discussing using something different than a standard turn-based RPG battle system. And it kind of got me thinking of a two-part question on battle mechanics. 1. What different types of alternative battle systems have you seen that you liked? Me...
  3. Dickjutsu

    Multi-Frame Sprite Issue

    Okay, I'm back with my asinine script questions. I'm trying to use an 8-frame sprite for the first time ever and I'm, re-discovering why I haven't already done that. I'm using FenixFyreX's Multi-Frame Sprites script for RMVXAce found here...
  4. Dickjutsu

    Battle Win Condition - Set By Skill Usage Question

    Okay, I'm trying to make a battle de dependent on utilizing a specific skill in only the final battle.  The idea is something like this...the final boss is a former ally, being mind-controlled by the main villain.  You can kill your old ally by bringing his HP to 0, but you get the bad ending. ...
  5. Dickjutsu

    Starting TP

    Hey, just a quick question.  I tried searching for an answer, but it's hard to find anything on TP on account of the fact that the search program automatically removes any search terms with less than 4 characters. ;_; I'm having the problem that my characters are starting with random amounts...
  6. Dickjutsu

    Text Timing

    Sorry for asking such a duncey question, but I've stuck myself.  Is there any way I can set a text box to end and move on to the next event action after a desired amount of time? I'm trying to create an opening, but if you read slower than I do...the timing will be all off on a parallax picture...

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