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  1. Titanhex

    Justify Window Placement in Galv's Popup Message (Timed)

    I'm using Galv's Popup messages. I wanted text to appear in the center of the screen. I've partially figured that out. However, the text tends to draw justified to the left instead of center, making it near-impossible to get it to be perfectly in the center every time I do a show text. I was...
  2. Titanhex

    YEP_BATTLECORE bug with Cannot Move on States

    (I have most-up-to-date YEP BattleCore Plugin and my RPGMakerMV is up to the newest install) Hey, is anyone else getting this bug? I know @Yanfly still supports his plugins through his *******, but it seems like you can only report a bug if you're a ******* member. 1. Made a new Project file...
  3. Titanhex

    Way to increase a character's ability to land a specific state?

    So I know there's a lot of features in RMMV. Traits allow you to modify a character in a number of ways, for example. However, is there currently a way to increase a character's ability to land a specific state. Put a trait or note-tag, and now their ability to land blind on enemies goes up by...
  4. Titanhex

    RMMV Five Towers (A Simple RPG)

    Forget introductions. Lets get into the game. Pitch Five Towers is a simple RPG. There is no major plot. There are no major characters. You choose character names and starting classes. The game focuses on combat, exploration, and progress. It is a simple power fantasy, meant to be replayed over...
  5. Titanhex

    Status Effect (+|-) Side Effects

    Full title: Status Effects with Positive and Negative Side Effects What do you guys think of a status effect system where after a negative effect wears off, it is often followed by a positive side effect. (Sleep >x> Refreshed) And some positive effects are followed by a negative one. (Haste...
  6. Titanhex

    Large EXP Gaps to Control Level Progression

    So, wasn't entirely sure how to phrase this kind of system. But lets take a look at a simple system that exists in a few games. Primarily, I've seen it in oldschool western RPGs. I'm sure the spirit of the system still exists but in much subtler ways. So, the idea is simple. Monsters in Dungeon...
  7. Titanhex

    RPGs and Rewarding Intended Play

    So a lot of players praise systems that reward skilled and intuitive play. Critics and the community regularly state that they enjoy set-ups where the game's systems reward you for listening to and getting the most out of their design. It's perhaps more common in dexterity based games, such as...
  8. Titanhex

    Party EXP vs Individual EXP

    We're talking the difference between Paper Mario TTYD and a classical JRPG like the FF series. Both are viable. Neither are bad. They just serve very different niches. So, lets talk about the differences between the two. Strengths and weaknesses. How appropriate is one vs another. When would...
  9. Titanhex

    [THex] Tutorial Series, From Beginner to Advanced

    I've started a video tutorial on the ins and outs of RPG Maker MV. This tutorial covers everything from the very basics of the software to every menu. It goes deeper into eventing, the database, and other things. It's an ongoing set of tutorials, and the benefits to taking this series is...
  10. Titanhex

    [THex] Game Design Workshop: Part 3 - System Design Pt1

    Hey there game designers. This is another tutorial on Game Design and how to structure our game in a way that we can get real feedback on our ideas. This time I take you into the world of Scripting by showing you Systems Design. It's heavily related to scripting, but does not necessarily...
  11. Titanhex

    [THex] Game Design Workshop: Part 2 - Level Design

    Hello Game Design pupils. Today we're heading to the next leg of our journey. Level Design. A lot of people jump right into mapping when it comes to RPG Maker. This isn't always a bad thing, and people can create a long series of great maps with little design pre-planning. But the level...
  12. Titanhex

    [THex] Game Design Workshop: Part 1 - Introduction

    Hey guys, it's me, multidisciplinary Game Developer Titanhex. Incase you don't know; I write scripts, create art, and design game mechanics. In this instance, I want to talk about the much more abstract and hard to capture Game Design. I'll begin by talking about the big...
  13. Titanhex


    A simple mechanic crossed my mind, and while I might not use it for any future releases, I wanted to explore the concept with you guys and see if any new or interesting mechanics spawn from it as a result. This is a thread for contribution, exploration, and tangents splintering off the...
  14. Titanhex

    Multiplay Story Mechanic

    This is all part of a single game's design. Most stories follow a simple formula, and so long as the narrative elements are compatible, it doesn't really matter what those elements are. Justifying this idea, I'm designing a game where a lot of the narrative, levels, and bosses are randomly...
  15. Titanhex

    Learning from Vets

    Hey, so I have a number of textbooks and websites and pieces linked that covers various methods of design. I'm an avid studier of game design, because when you get into it you realize just how terribly complex it actually is. Without some guidelines and tools to use, you will feel lost and...
  16. Titanhex

    Capitalizing on Narrative

    I've had a concept come to me recently. The concept of narrative. Narrative in gameplay has evolved dramatically. Games like Lisa the Painful and Undertale have done wonders marrying the narrative directly into the gameplay so well that you could only tell the story through gameplay. I've...
  17. Titanhex

    Breeding Heaven: A Monster Breeding Game

    I've started work creating my own resources in conjunction with stock resources found in the community.   Pitch: Breeding Heaven is a familiar Monster Breeding game. It aims to capture the intelligent, fun spirit of strategically combining monster traits to create stronger, more powerful...
  18. Titanhex

    Titanhex Learning Livestream

    Hey, I'm doing a Learning Livestream, where I teach various parts of creating a game in RPG Maker. I've recently had the channel on freeze simply because I lacked a proper set up after I moved. I'm hoping to do another Learning Livestream on February 26th though and will be posting it for those...
  19. Titanhex

    modern_algebra's modifed Fog of War needs a fix

    Hey anyone and everyone! I've been wanting to use Modern_Algebra's fog of war script in my VX Ace game for a while. Someone made a fast-edit so that it would run in RPG Maker VX Ace, however it runs with issues. The issue of it randomly created fog in weird patterns was fixed after I asked for...
  20. Titanhex

    How to prevent Shadow Pen from rendering

    Hey, so I am using modern_algebra's Fog of War script for RMVX, converted to RMVX-Ace. But there's an issue. The issue is that certain autotiles have the Shadow Pen draw shadows on them. Since the Fog of War script relies on Auto-Tiles, the auto-tiles seem to get marked with the Shadow Pen in a...

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