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  1. Alastor01

    Alastor01 Rendered furniture (Including animations)

    Hi again, Here you can find some furniture to decorate your rooms with ;) These are new resources I am am making with Blender - GIMP - BIMP and Sprite Sheet Packer for my non-existent game. Only furnitures so far, as I am not at a level to model organic shapes. All were made to RTP perspective...
  2. Alastor01

    Problem editing my thread on Opera browser (bug?)

    Hello! First of all, I apologize if this is incorrect section. Second, I do not know if it is a known issue. Basically, whenever I try to Edit my thread and click "More Options" button, I get this: (The thread I try to edit...
  3. Alastor01

    Why does plugin order matters?

    Hi guys, Just for educational purposes, why does plugin order matters in a project? If a plugin is essentially a library of functions / classes variables, where does the numbering comes from? Linux OSs use 1000 of libraries which depend on each other. The OS knows dependencies and conflicts...
  4. Alastor01

    Official documentation on variables and functions?

    Hi guys, Sorry if it's a stupid question, but is there an official documentation about all specific variables and functions that RPG Maker MV uses, for plugin development? This would really simplify plugin making and making them as compatible as possible. I know there are split source files...
  5. Alastor01

    Have more than 3 frames for weapon animations

    Hello! I am just wondering if anybody is interested in making a plugin to support more than 3 frames of animation for weapons. This is very useful for guns, bows, other ranged weapons. As with 3 frames only, you would see no difference between firing a sniper rifle and a machine gun which is...
  6. Alastor01

    Alastor01 Rendered RTP-like Tiles

    Hello! The following are some of the resources I am making for my game. These have been created from scratch by a combination of drawing, modeling, rendering and editing. I am using GIMP, BIMP, and Blender. These tiles are meant to mimic RTP ones. (I have older pixel-art-like / GIMP edits...
  7. Alastor01

    Alastor01's Resources - Modern Day (for tall characters)

    Hi there, Here you can find some of the resources I am making for my survival horror game (lets say I took a long break from game making...). Old resources are just GIMP edits while newer are pixel art. Currently I am making graphics with a new technique - a combination of 3D modeling and flat...

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