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  1. MerlinCross

    RMMV Auto Passive States(Yep) - Help with Conditions/Expanded?

    I'm wondering how to do this. So I thought of giving players an "Overheat" and thought to use the Auto Passive State plug in by Yanfly. But here's the problem; The condition shows up and works when the target gets to 100 TP. And the moment they go to 99 or below, they lose it. I'd rather...
  2. MerlinCross

    Damage Formulas 101

    And now I just gain a flat 50. I'm just gonna deal with Decimal being there for this little demo idea thing. Hopefully shouldn't break the game.
  3. MerlinCross

    Rules Ideas That Don’t Deserve Their Own Thread

    Basically. Entering Overheat would probably cause the numbers to have a greater effect; higher highs, lower lowers. Overheat might give you far more poweful attacks to use, or maybe a heal that cycles you out of the condtion, but staying in it for long periods can result an lowered stats and...
  4. MerlinCross

    Damage Formulas 101

    No that still doesn't seem to work. And it's not a plugin problem before people suggest that, I'm trying this with an empty new project.
  5. MerlinCross

    Rules Ideas That Don’t Deserve Their Own Thread

    While I have played Battletech, Overheat in that setting is almost always univerisally bad as I understand it. The spin I'm thinking makes a player weigh the choices of going into Overheat or not depending on the pilot, machine or parts you have.
  6. MerlinCross

    Damage Formulas 101

    I'm talking about this. Guard Skill Formula: a.setTp( / 2) This should cut TP in half. What happens when it's left over as a Decimal? Well I don't know what the fix is but would like to as I get this. Not sure what would happen if I tried it for HP as well.
  7. MerlinCross

    Damage Formulas 101

    How would I avoid getting a Decimal in my numbers? Example; I have a skill that cuts TP in half. But it will leave me with say .5 at times. So a.setTp( / 2) Used at 5 TP will make the user's TP, 2.5. I'd like to avoid that but how?
  8. MerlinCross

    Rules Ideas That Don’t Deserve Their Own Thread

    Idea; Mech RPG. You can swap actors out of machines and equip the machines with weapons and gear. Addtionally, combat is based around managing resources like bullets and misslies along with keeping everyone's Heat to a managable level. Max Heat leads into an Overheat state that lowers your...
  9. MerlinCross

    Overheat - Replacing TP Gauge

    Okay so, here's the idea then and this could use some polishing; Troop Event; Check TP(Through Variable) If TP is = 100 do Remove all TP. Apply Overheat State. The problem now comes into how to check each each character's TP in a timely manner. I mean I could rig up a checker for...
  10. MerlinCross


  11. MerlinCross

    What are you doing during the pandemic?

    Kinda? I sometimes get distracted by an idea or thing and waste too much time on it only to get angry and go "Fine rip it out". Thus far I'm treating this like a lego project or maybe my version of "Train Set"
  12. MerlinCross

    Overheat - Replacing TP Gauge

    I thought of an idea but getting mixed responses on my google fu. Idea goes that if you hit 100 on your TP gauge you enter an overheat state. This could do many things depending on what you want for the game but the problem first comes in figuring out how to make the game check TP and fire it...
  13. MerlinCross

    What are you doing during the pandemic?

    Decided to try and get some content made up. Poorly made or just bad, it feels actually more rewarding than dinging another level or weapon in an MMO.
  14. MerlinCross

    Pre Battle Buffs

    Flip side of that is that we all know that ONE boss in THAT one game that came outta left field with no warning what so ever and just flattens the party. I feel there's a good way to tell inform a player that "hey a boss is coming up". I mean old games used to do that with a save point or rest...
  15. MerlinCross

    Oh that's really good.

    Oh that's really good.
  16. MerlinCross Hey... Hey I finally did a thing, go check it out..... not sure if this is against the rules or anything though.
  17. MerlinCross

    RMMV Last Shelter - Demo/Proof of Concept

    Last Shelter Disclaimer: Blood, death, some swearing, and alcohol mentioned. Info; RPG, Modern, Apocalypse, "Horror?" SYNOPSIS The dead rise and monsters stalk the darkness. Explore the sewer system a small band of survivors have taken over, looting supplies and dealing with threats. All the...
  18. MerlinCross

    Skill Accuracy - Without Certain Hit

    Lemme put it a different way, late and tired where I am. How can I make it so Physical Skills are going to hit 100% of the time where as normal attack has a hit rate of 95%? Though also, question what enemy dodge does for people these days anyway besides annoyance.
  19. MerlinCross

    @KakonComp Oh god those are the worst. I'd rather end up not moving a step and only to look up...

    @KakonComp Oh god those are the worst. I'd rather end up not moving a step and only to look up and go "Wait what was I trying to do again" because I'm so lost in the woods.
  20. MerlinCross

    Skill Accuracy - Without Certain Hit

    Well I suppose the easiest way to do this is just make the actor/class have 100% hit but ANYWAY; I've been messing around with some plugins and other settings and have noticed something that is a tad confusing to me. Physical and Physical. By that I mean the Physical Hit Type and the Physical...

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