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  1. Daniel47

    Hello peeps

    Hello and good luck!!
  2. Daniel47

    RMVXA The Town of The Lost Witch - Horror - [Download Now]

    This sounds very intriguing! Will download, play, and write a review once complete. My work schedule varies, so some days I won't have time.
  3. Daniel47

    Just sayin' 'Hey'

    Thanks! Huge Final Fantasy fan. Final Fantasy VI was the first for me. Though Shadow (my avatar) fits my personality well. Quite, reserved, and tend to keep to my self.
  4. Daniel47

    Just sayin' 'Hey'

    Welcome to the community friend! :rhappy::kaohi:
  5. Daniel47

    Hi, in Yazo

    Hello Yazo! :) Glad to have you here!
  6. Daniel47

    Hi! To Every1

    I will reach out to you this coming weekend. I have a project in pre-development that you might be interested in.
  7. Daniel47

    FREE Looking to recruit a story/dialog editor.

    Engine: RPGVXA Synopsis: Positions/Roles Needed: Story/dialog editor. As an editor, you will read through the story, dialog, and event flowchart. Provide clear and concise feedback to me and be willing to do this for free. It's a lot to read through. (Communication mediums can be determined...
  8. Daniel47

    Hi! To Every1

    Welcome to the commmunity! :kaohi:I am sorta the same way when it comes to game development. It can easily become overwhelming, but I always find it best to take a small piece at a time and don't announce anything until you've reached the point to where you know you can finish it. I only use...
  9. Daniel47


    Glad to meet you and welcome to the forums!! My specialty is more in line with managing/organizing projects. I can write a decent story as well. Creating maps is well... :rswt Let's not talk about that. Most of my work (recruiting, managing, developing, writing reviews) was done in the Amnesia...
  10. Daniel47

    Adding reaction icon above characters head.

    Thanks! :rhappy:
  11. Daniel47

    Adding reaction icon above characters head.

    Hello all! :kaohi:So I'm in the process of creating a pre-intro where the player can select the characters gender (M/F), class, and name. During this scene, I have the games narrator walking you through the process. At one point he gets embarrassed because he forgets to introduce himself. During...
  12. Daniel47

    I have returned!

    Hello RPG Maker community!! It has been a hot minute since I was around these parts. Many quests have I completed during my time away and many foes have I defeated! Now I am back to work on a new rpg that I have drafted in story form only during my adventures. Looking forward to the insight of...
  13. Daniel47

    Hi!... Is there anyone thereeee?... theree.. theree... theeee.... *echo ends*

    A master of various job classes has appeared. Welcome weary traveler! :kaohi:
  14. Daniel47


    Greetings friend! :D
  15. Daniel47

    Salutations and whatnot!

    Hello and welcome! :kaohi:You'll find that this is a very helpful community.
  16. Daniel47


    Glad I could help.:) By the way, Python is a great language.
  17. Daniel47


    Hello!! :kaohi:
  18. Daniel47


    @TCRegan If you need video tutorials, I suggest checking out the videos on YouTube by Venthros.
  19. Daniel47

    Brief time away

    Okay I'm back. Things are okay with the fam. Thank you everyone who either replied or simply read my initial post. It really means alot. :cutesmile: @Raijinn thanks for the prayers and @Frogboy thanks for the concern.
  20. Daniel47

    Brief time away

    Found out that there was a terrorist attack in London a couple hours ago at the time of this writting. I do have family north of the London area. I'll be offline for a couple days to process. (No family was harmed or in immediate area at the time.)

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