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  1. The Prince of Sarcasm

    Pixel Movement Compatible ABS?

    I'm using Victor engine's pixel movement script, and moving platform script. I'm wondering if any of the ABS scripts, that currently exist for VX Ace, would be compatible with this script. A while back I tried using one (I think it was Falcao Pearl ABS, hope that's the right name for it.), but...
  2. The Prince of Sarcasm

    How to Disable and Renable Dashing?

    I'm sure there is a way to disable dashing (holding shift) in the database, and renable it in an event, but I can't find it anywhere. You guys are geniuses, I'm sure you know how to find it.
  3. The Prince of Sarcasm

    Window skin and other options in game.

    Is there a way to have the player choose whether they want face sets or full busts, what color of window skin they want, whether they want a cursor on the menu or not, in game and have it stay for the rest of the game. I'm sure this probably takes a script, but I don't want to have a ton of...
  4. The Prince of Sarcasm

    make event move to specific space after random movement.

    I'm wondering how to make an even move to a specific tile after being triggered. The only problem is until this the even is on random movement, so I don't know where exactly it will be. Is there a way to make it target a specific tile, and have it find the best route there?
  5. The Prince of Sarcasm

    Compatability issue.

    I'm using a couple different scripts in my game. I'm using Falcao Pearl ABS, and nd Victor Engine Moving Platform and Free Jump scripts. (As well as all the one needed to run them.) I wanted to use Yanfly's Move Region Restrict Script, but depending on where I put it in the script list it either...
  6. The Prince of Sarcasm

    Help with Victor Sant Moving Platform Script

    I'm using his moving platform script, but I can't make my person fall to the side of cliff only at the bottom, and I can't make my person fall into water. Either he just stops at the edge or I put the top line as a cliff region and he just falls over the top of the water to the bottom. Can...
  7. The Prince of Sarcasm

    A few medieval sprites please.

    I'm working on a medieval castle type visual novel game and I needed a couple more sprites. I would like them to match the RTP style as much as possible. I need a maid, forger, male servant, couple different soldiers, woodsman, and archer. I have no way to pay anyone any money, sorry, but when I...
  8. The Prince of Sarcasm

    Steam resource packs help.

    If I have a disk version of RPG Maker VX Ace, that I bought on amazon, am I able to use resource pack bought trough steam, or do I have to have a steam version of RPG Maker? Also, If I have a disk version of rpg maker and cannot use rpg maker steam packs, can I get a free rpg maker copy on...
  9. The Prince of Sarcasm

    Animal Sprites please.

    I was wondering if anybody has a large collection of animal sprites. Not like Granny's list of animal sprites, but a collection by one person, so I don't have to credit a different person for each sprite. I would like any normal animal that you would see on earth today, as well as any dinosaurs...
  10. The Prince of Sarcasm

    Requesting a Beastiary. (Is that how you spell that?)

    I'm requesting a simple bestiary script. I know there are a few already available, but none of those are quite what I want, though if nobody helps me I will have to use those. I just need it to display the info in the enemies tab of the data base, stats, pic, etc.. I would like the script to...
  11. The Prince of Sarcasm

    My life as a lego. A story i'm writing

    At first I wanted to do this story for the tomb of lost art challenge, but I decided not to so I could have the story follow whatever path I wanted. I am not an experienced writer, so expect the worst.        "Pssst!"        "Who's there?" I asked looking around. Nobody was there. I got up an...
  12. The Prince of Sarcasm

    The Prince's free services.

    I am here to offer my services to all who might need them. I CAN: 1. Playtest your game, and provide helpful feedback. I have done this a couple of times before, not officially, but I have made a couple reviews and the game makers all said they found my reviews helpful. I playtested "The...
  13. The Prince of Sarcasm

    On, map batle system. (request)

    I would like an on-map battle system. Where you press "A" to attack and "S" to defend. I have seen this done before, but I have looked online, and goggle and haven't found what I want. Thanks for helping me.
  14. The Prince of Sarcasm

    Requesting a card battle system.

    I don't know how much to describe this, or if you can make it, but  I will try to provide as much detail as I can. I want a script where I can creat battle cards, have players buy them as items, and battle other real players or npc's. When I say battle other players I mean I make my choice, then...
  15. The Prince of Sarcasm

    Requesting mini games script and ideas

    I Am making a game needing a ton of mini games. I would like ideas for mini games and some links to mini game scripts. I already have some, like the invaders game from galv. Card games wouldn't really fit the type of game i am making, so plaease no card game ideas.
  16. The Prince of Sarcasm

    Good table-top sci-fi rpg.

    I am looking for a table-top, sci-fi, futuristic, no magic, rpg game. I was wondering if anybody knew of any.
  17. The Prince of Sarcasm

    How to make an event triggr when next to another event?

    Just what the title says.
  18. The Prince of Sarcasm

    Paralel proces event won't follow move route commands.

    I have an event that I want to move by itself and race against the player. When I have the event set to trigger on th action button it follows the move route great and avoids the obstacles that I made it miss. But when I change the trigger to parallel process, it will just run the right...
  19. The Prince of Sarcasm

    Help putting stuff before you enter a car.

    ok, so I am using a script that changes the boat into a car. What I want is to be able to put event commands before you enter the vehicle, but the enterexit vehicle command doesn't work. Does anybody know how to put event commands on a vehicle starting position?
  20. The Prince of Sarcasm

    Lost rpg maker cd.

    ok, I bought a brand new boxed copy of RPG Maker VX Ace on amazon. I got the actual cd copy. I lost my cd and have been looking everywhere to find it but can't find it. Do you know if there is some way to retrieve my product code, because if I could find my product code then I could just type it...

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