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  1. MyNameWontFi

    Color Switching

    Hey there. I need help switching the color of this hat picture. I want the lighter shade of brown on the hat and the darker shade on the strap around the hat (basically reversing the colors). Thanks, in advanced : )
  2. MyNameWontFi

    Surge's Holder-Styled Battlers (Accepting Requests)

    I've made a few holder-styled animated battlers in the past few years for my game, but since my progress is very slow on the project, I've decided to publish the battlers I made. They are mostly based on characters made by other artists, but that doesn't mean I don't have any original contents...
  3. MyNameWontFi

    [Yami's Battle Symphony] Battlers not posing victory and defend stance.

    Hello. I'm using Yami's Battle Symphony with Holder's Battlers Add-On. However, my battlers doesn't pose certain stances, which are victory and defend. I looked up Galv's and VE's animated battlers and they both did the victory and defend poses. I tried transferring script lines that made said...
  4. MyNameWontFi

    [VXA] Removing this sprite's cape

    Hey there. Need help with this sprite. I need someone to remove the cape. Just the cape. Still need the scarf. This sprite was made by Soramani. Source:◆洋風系/男性/ロクス Thanks in advance :)
  5. MyNameWontFi

    Need help finding these resource's creators.

    Title says it all. I downloaded these 2 face sets since who knows when, and I can't remember where I found these. Need to know the artists so I can credit them properly. Thanks.
  6. MyNameWontFi

    [VXA] Facesets requests

    Hey all. I'm trying to find help with my request. I need face sets on these 2 characters. I need face sets for the black guy and the knight at the bottom. Sad, happy, angered, anything will do. Thanks in advanced :) First pic is made by Avadan with increased contrast to match VXA style...
  7. MyNameWontFi

    What sort of harsh words that are accepted here?

    Just asking pls don't kill me for this. No, I'm not planning to say anything offensive, thought I must say I'm a bit curious about this.

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