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  1. Firgof

    RPG Maker MV 3D Labyrinth Tool Idea

    Would pay $15-20 easy for this.
  2. Firgof

    Visual Novel Maker

    Not everybody's making VNs that have adult content in them. I'm for instance making one that's effectively PG-13 due to some violence and language.
  3. Firgof

    Grabbing the screen without Bitmap.snap?

    I'm willing to do things like just read straight from the video card buffer [thus making the game desktop only] if that's what it takes. As aforementioned in my post, a shader would probably do what I'm asking for here a lot faster - but I don't know how to implement a shader that would...
  4. Firgof

    Grabbing the screen without Bitmap.snap?

    Working on a game that I'd like to do a 'screen ghosting' effect/glitch, where I take a snap of the present scene (aka 'taking a screenshot'), lower the snap's alpha, and place it at a random small amount of offset for a short period of time before I destroy it.  Unfortunately, Bitmap.snap is...
  5. Firgof

    Random Art Thread

    Decided to revisit the Heralds, this time drawing them without their intimidating insect-themed helmet.  I think it came out alright.
  6. Firgof

    Random Art Thread

    Painted a race portrait for Star Ruler 2's expansion the other day.  I think they came out nicely. Also a timelapse of me putting the final touches on their art:
  7. Firgof

    DiM: Afterhours

    Made a Tumblr to keep stuff up to date and not flood this topic with little art and so on updates.  Check it out if you like: Meanwhile, worked on some concept art for Mjnlh (a character who'll appear later in the game) and formally structured the game's plot.  ...
  8. Firgof

    Terrax Lighting system

    @Terrax Any way to make this function in combat as well?
  9. Firgof

    Jackkel's Persistent Switches

    @Jackkel Dragon Will you update the OP to include formatting with your JS files?  If copy-pasted from the OP the code is one long uninterrupted line and I'm having a lot of trouble re-formatting it.  Couldn't you just attach the JS file to your post instead of putting them in spoiler-tag'd code...
  10. Firgof

    $gameInterpreter.wait() doesn't work?

    this.wait(frames) does in fact work.  I've made a note of it in the official spreadsheet for the script call. Note to others who might stumble on this topic also looking to pan a sound:  I'm using very short sounds which I've modified to the exact length in frames * 60 seconds I expect each...
  11. Firgof

    $gameInterpreter.wait() doesn't work?

    Pan goes from -100 to 100 in RMMV's event editor, I want it to play a sound once for every increment of 5 between -100 and 100, to create a sweep.  Playing it once won't be enough and I don't want to put down 80 'play sound' and 'wait' commands. Hm?  But that's not at all what I'm trying to...
  12. Firgof

    $gameInterpreter.wait() doesn't work?

    I've been referencing the 'script equivalent of command calls' list a lot lately ( link ) but the listing for the Wait command doesn't work. I can't locate $gameInterpreter in my console, firstly.  I was able to find it being created (or at least where I think it's created, I'm an amateur...
  13. Firgof

    Random Art Thread

    Hot off the presses, the concept art for the alternate faceset for the protagonist of DiM: Afterhours.
  14. Firgof

    PIXI V2 to PIXI V3

    Me either.  Having proper screen effects would improve a lot of my art significantly.
  15. Firgof

    Game & Map Screenshots 7

    They're permanent (though there is another set which looks and behaves differently: ).  The base set has two indicators.  One shows if you're in a room where there's a save point, hints on how to progress, or when there's an item you can obtain.  The other...
  16. Firgof

    Game & Map Screenshots 7

    " is it meant to be goggles? " It's the headset (HMD) through which you're playing the game, yes.
  17. Firgof

    Random Art Thread

    I think my glitch art skills have gone up a notch since the last time I tackled a DiM game.
  18. Firgof

    Game & Map Screenshots 7

    Another map completed.
  19. Firgof

    MessageY is not defined (Number Input window)

    Getting a 'messageY is not defined' error when I do an Input Number Prompt event.  Some quick background information: I've modified the core scripts so that messages get placed at different coordinates than they do in the base. My HUD occludes most of the messages in their default positions so...
  20. Firgof

    DiM: Afterhours

    Thanks much, LeoHeart.  Been a part of the larger community since 2003 and I'm around if you know where to look in the smaller ones.  I try not to be as much a lurker these days as I was back then.

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