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  1. yunary

    [Update:02/22/2016]Yunary's MV Tilesets

    Hello all :) Today I made a path tile for my game after it drived me crazy the square path from original tile,so I made 2 custom paths that you can use on your games. I loved how it looks and I waned to help those of you who got the same problem as me ^^Hope you like them.Enjoy! Example 1...
  2. yunary

    Yunary resources{for RPG Maker MV Extended Generator now available on downloads}

    Previous Page Next Page ~Welcome to Yunary resources~ Terms of use ~Free to use for both commercial and non-commercial~ *Credits required*...

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Made another map, this one even has a cool moving waterfall. I'll have an animated GIF later whenever I'm done adding stuff. :LZSwink:
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um... why didn't anyone tell how easy it is to add motions to Sideview battlers? I literally copied the last one, changed the name and index, said where it should play, and boom... I've got intro motions.

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