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  1. SilverDash

    Check if image exists (also after deployment) [Solved]

    pictureExists = function(filename) { // filename must include file extension. const fs = require ("fs"); return fs.existsSync("./img/pictures" + filename); }; See also here. The code above works in the editor but after deploying my project, it always returns false. How do I make this...
  2. SilverDash

    How to mirror/flip sprite?

    this.sprite = new Sprite(bmp); this.addChild(this.sprite); this.sprite.scale.x = -1; // <<< this line causes the sprite to become invisible. Why? Why won't it mirror? this.sprite.scale.set(-1,1); // also doesn't work. No error either, just turns invisible. this.sprite.scale.set(2,1); // Works...
  3. SilverDash

    Howto: Check if image exists?

    I have an image here: <project dir>/img/minimap/005.png SE.TEST = SE.TEST || Utils.isOptionValid('test'); SE.Minimap.minimapFolderPath = function() { var suffixPath = '/img/minimap/'; if (!SE.TEST) { suffixPath = '/www' + suffixPath; } var path =...
  4. SilverDash

    Parameter-string does not equal string?

    SE.Params.Minimap.Menu_ResetScrollKey according to the console has a value of "end". So I write SE.Params.Minimap.Menu_ResetScrollKey === "end" // returns false???? I tried "end" === "end" // returns true... Erm... I'm confused. What am I doing wrong? I tried different quote styles and whatnot...
  5. SilverDash

    Correct way to cast parameter to boolean?

    // <snip> * @param MyTestVariable * @type boolean // <snip> var params = PluginManager.parameters('MyPluginName'); params.MyTestVariable = (params.MyTestVariable.toLowerCase() === 'true'); The above code will work most of the time. But... What if the user puts in some garbage string like...
  6. SilverDash

    How to use the unused file stripper?

    File > Deployment... > check Exlude unused files. I still get a project with ~140MB in size even though it should be around 5MB max. I still get loads and loads of unused files. I use no plugins. What am I doing wrong?
  7. SilverDash

    Silvers Console Manager

    Plugin: Console Manager v1.00 Author: Silver About: I needed a way to test plugins and other work for deployed RPG Maker MV projects. Also I may ask other people to install this plugin so now and then in order to track bugs for deployed games. Features: Automatically shows the...
  8. SilverDash

    Difference between playtest & deployment?

    Assuming both the playtest and deployment are for Windows. Because it seems that my minimap-plugin does show a black minimap upon deployment. But it works just fine in playtest.  There is no error shown in the game itself and I believe there is no console? So debugging is gonna be hard...
  9. SilverDash

    Problem with: pass by reference

    var test = [10, 20, 30]; (function() { var testFunc = function(myVar) { myVar[4] = 10; // works myVar.push(10); // works myVar = [1, 8]; // fails }; testFunc(test); })(); console.log('test:'); console.log(test); As you can see, assigning a new array to...
  10. SilverDash

    -1 evaluates to true? note that -1 == true also evaluates to false. But the if-statements accepts it as true. Why?
  11. SilverDash

    Bug in MV regarding parameters

  12. SilverDash

    MV sometimes has bugged parameters?

     * @param Agility  * @default Agility:  * @param Luck  * @default Luck: They are both size 11... After some more testing I found out they are indeed both 11. For some reason MV sometimes adds extra hidden characters to the parameter-values. The LAST parameter in this list keeps...
  13. SilverDash

    Editing a post in an unapproved topic bugs

    It removes the buttons and then does nothing. You still can't edit either. But I really do like it that we can now view unapproved topics. In the old forum they just disappeared until they got approved.
  14. SilverDash

    Silvers Skill Gems (Materia)

    NOTE: This plugin hasn't been updated for almost 4 years. Script: Silvers Skill Gems (Materia) v1.04 Author: SilverDash About I originally intended it to be like Path of Exile's skill-system. However, in the end I noticed that it also had nearly all the features (mostly more) that a materia...
  15. SilverDash

    Dynamically add counterattack to skill

    I'd like the skill to add the counter-attack-state after an attack to the user. The code above applies the counter-attack-state to my enemies... That's not good :P. I need it to be applied to the user. But how?
  16. SilverDash

    Forum deleted 99% of my post... It's all gone.. Any chance for restoring a backup? 'Forum outtage' caused data-loss here. I kinda need the original links to the old versions as well as the screenshots and the list of features at the very least...
  17. SilverDash

    measureText() bugged?

       Silv.EvText.MeasureBmp.fontSize = this.fontSize;    Silv.EvText.MeasureBmp.outlineWidth = this.outlineWidth;    Silv.EvText.MeasureBmp.fontItalic = this.italic;        this.bitmap = new Bitmap(Silv.EvText.MeasureBmp.measureTextWidth(text) + this.outlineWidth * 2, this.fontSize +...
  18. SilverDash

    Silvers Event Text

    Script is discontinued and outdated. Use Mog's instead: >Download here< Script Name: Event Text v1.10 Author: Squirting Elephant About: Attaches custom text to events. Features: Script: Download v1.10 Download Master Demo Old Versions: The latest version may prevent the game from...
  19. SilverDash

    Another bug in RM MV?

    Why does it store 1 instead of 1.08? It put it on the topmost part of my script. No strict-mode or other 'nonsense'. var Imported = Imported || {};Imported.SILV_Minimap = 1.08;console.log(Imported.SILV_Minimap); // prints 1Imported.SILV_Minimap =...
  20. SilverDash

    'Shortening' the Moveroute left(10); up(2), etc.

    Example: Instead of adding 10x LEFT in a moveroute, I'd prefer to just put in a script command and say: left(10). And it will repeat the move-left-command 10x. We had such a script in Ace. I miss it in MV :(

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