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  1. Alexander Hawksmoor

    Who is that handsome hero who cometh forward on the Dawn?

    I'm back, took a couple of days off to relax and I'll be continuing development of Dawn of Orion shortly. Might not be as active as normal as I@m still on day 5 of 8 at work. These 3am-11am shifts will be the death of me!
  2. Alexander Hawksmoor


    Just a heads up that I'll be taking a break from the forums. After my game broke today due to a windows update which means I may have to start my game from scratch, I've decided to take a break as Im too stressed atm with work and I simply don't have the determination to redo 100's of hours of...
  3. Alexander Hawksmoor

    Chicken coop?

    Anyone know if there is a chicken coop out there for MV?
  4. Alexander Hawksmoor

    Kickstarter, *******, and seeking financial help.

    Hope this doesn't class as a double post, I'm gonna be so annoyed if I get the blue words of death lol. Anyway, this is sort of a follow up question from my previous commercial post since I thought it would be better to separate the questions. So in terms of cost, my game isn't going to be...
  5. Alexander Hawksmoor

    Custom Map Sprites, yay or nay-pros and cons?

    Since my game is going commercial I'm treating this as a commercial issue. So I decided after a long hard think that I didn't really like the default MV sprites and that my preference would be to have custom taller sprites, still not sure what style to go with though. Anyway, made the biggest...
  6. Alexander Hawksmoor

    RMMV Dawn Of Orion - Shadows Beckoning

    Welcome to Dawn of Orion - Shadows Beckoning! SYNOPSIS CHARACTERS WORLD SETTING SCREENSHOTS
  7. Alexander Hawksmoor

    Looking for a vulture sprite.

    I'm looking for a vulture monster sprite in the mv style that I can use to swoop down on the player if he gets too close to it.
  8. Alexander Hawksmoor

    Bug due to new update

    I get this error when I try loading up my game since it updated to version 1.6. It only appears when I have Yanfly's grid free plugin doodads active. Is this due to the plugin needing updating? Tbh thinking about it, I should have probably posted this in the plugin support forum, not sure...
  9. Alexander Hawksmoor

    Unable to change enemy images

    Bit of a weird one but I decided that Avery's bats looked better than the rtp ones so I downloaded the sprites and battler to use in my game. The sprite works fine, but the battler image won't work for some reason and it continues to use the rtp bat image regardless of the fact I've deleted it...
  10. Alexander Hawksmoor

    Help with Moghunters Monogatari Scene menu

    I'm looking to see if anyone familiar with the Monogatari plugin can help me with this small issue? Basically I cant seem to get the LV/HP/MP and the bars to align with the numbers they correspond to as shown in the pictures below. The first picture shows what I have right now, and the second...
  11. Alexander Hawksmoor

    What are your favourite battler sprites.

    What are your favourite battler sprites that you would have in your game if you could? My favourite are the ones from Final Fantasy Brave Exavius.
  12. Alexander Hawksmoor

    Looking for a sideways animated door.

    Just looking to see if anyone knows of a sideview animated door. If not, I'll attempt to make my own.
  13. Alexander Hawksmoor

    Could do with some variable advice.

    So I had to leave this for a couple of days because it was giving me a headache. To start off, I'm making an evented title screen using hime's plugin, and what I'm trying to accomplish can be seen in pictures 1 and 2, basically, when a save file is present, all the options including continue...
  14. Alexander Hawksmoor

    Deactivating the continue option.

    I know this is possible through plugins when using the title screen, but is it possible when using an evented title screenthrough the skip title screen plugin to make the continue option unavailable or inactive when no save file is present. Example below.
  15. Alexander Hawksmoor

    Help with evented title screen

    Just wondering if someone could help me figure this out. Basically I'm eventing my title screen using the skip title screen plugin and I was wondering how you can change the picture so that its highlighted when that option is selected as in examples 1, 2 and 3 below. Do I need a plugin or can it...
  16. Alexander Hawksmoor

    Needing help implementing a background image to a menu window.

    So I recently downloaded galvs manual level plugin which adds great functionality to gameplay, however, I've come across a small problem as you can see in the pictures below. I'm using the AltMenuScreen3 plugin to enable the use of a background image which you can see in example 1, however, the...
  17. Alexander Hawksmoor

    Images in the in game menu.

    I was wondering if there is a plugin that would allow me to use images created in gimp/photoshop etc to replace the standard text command window choices like item, status, equipment and so on. The closest I could find was SRDudes busts and icons plugin but I want to use images instead of icons...
  18. Alexander Hawksmoor

    How do I fully customise my in game menu?

    Hope this is the right section for this question. Basically I'm trying to create my own in game menu and I have been using some random dudes super games engine to get it to the point it is now. Problem is, I want to get it to look like example 2 where I have pictures representing the commands as...
  19. Alexander Hawksmoor

    I wanna feel emotion

    Hi, I was wondering if someone wouldn't mind giving my guy some emotional facial expressions, a.k.a - hurt, confused, and shocked for now would do. I've done some edits on this guy already but I'm struggling to get the emotions right, any help would be great thanks.
  20. Alexander Hawksmoor

    Looking for title screen help.

    I'm looking for someone who can help me with my title screen design. I have the logo and some magical crystals to go with but I'm struggling mainly due to lack of imagination on the title screen design. As for design I'm looking for the top half to be brighter and more cheerful and the bottom...

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