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  1. SomaelCK

    RMMV Wanda - A Beautiful Apocalypse RE

    KODOTS GAMES PRESENTS Wanda - A Beautiful Apocalypse RE Wanda - A Beautiful Apocalypse RE is an adventure puzzle game about two robotic lifeforms in search of hope, happiness, companionship and, possible an answer, in a seemingly lifeless world that no longer answers their call. The...
  2. SomaelCK

    RMMV One Loves the Sunset

    KODOTS GAMES PRESENTS SYNOPSIS One Loves the Sunset is a slice-of-life style of story-teller where you play as an ordinary old man who goes on with his ordinary life. Behind the seemly normal and rather mundane daily routines, it is shown that he is a damaged person, haunted by the past...
  3. SomaelCK

    Is this a possible smear attack for my game?

    I have released a commercial RMVXA game called DarkEnd back in 2014. It's pretty much a text-book dungeon crawler, receiving mixed reviews overall. It was staying at 50% positive until Steam voided the key-activated reviews from the overall score with latest policy changes and the rating...
  4. SomaelCK

    Some questions about Big Fish Games.

    I am thinking about submitting my current project "Wanda" on BFG since it's very casual friendly than typical RPG games. But I haven't seen any RM games on BFG lately. Do they still accept RM games? Is there any specific requirement for getting an RM game on BFG?
  5. SomaelCK

    [RMMV] The Enigma Protector.

    So, it can be used for software licensing/DRM for commercial RMMV games? Anyone has any experience with it? How was it?
  6. SomaelCK

    [RMMV] Weapon Animation!

    How do you set weapon animation? For example, I want to add my own weapon sprite for different kinds of swords, Excalibur, Laevantine etc, and the weapon animation/sprite change base on the equipped sword. Thanks in advance.
  7. SomaelCK

    [RMMV] Crash when I start a new project/click anything!

    I launched the program and suddenly run into this error, whenever I start a new project/ or click anything. I'm on Window 7 (32 bits). Tried with my Window 8 laptop and give me Blank screen. Please help!
  8. SomaelCK

    New refund policy from Steam.

    You can now ask for refund for a game for any reason, provided you owned less than 14 days and played less than 2 hours. That got my concerns. This effectively made short narrative games like The Bird Story and Actual Sunlight targets for exploit. What is your take on this...
  9. SomaelCK

    A quick question about using Custom Plugins

    Recently bought this from Steam sale and found out that there are custom plugins for RM2k3. My question is whether it Is legal to produce a commercial game using those plugins or not? Thanks in advance :)
  10. SomaelCK

    Porting a commercial game to Linux and Mac?

    Can it be done legally by using the open-source middle ware out there? Thanks in advance :)
  11. SomaelCK

    How much does it usually cost for an exclusive music?

    I have been thinking about commissioning for an exclusive opening theme song, about 1:30 mins long . How much will it cost, generally? Many thanks in advance :)
  12. SomaelCK

    [ACE] [Help] Terrain and Region Effects v1.0a by Neon Black got error

    When I put Terrain and Region Effects v1.0a by Neon Black (which come in with DSPlus's sample project) into a new project, it got this error "Script "<Script Name>"Line 338:NoMethod Occured. undefined method 'size' for nil:NilClass It works well with the sample project for DS+ tho. Any help?
  13. SomaelCK

    Similar Game Titles - Copyrights Questions

    My first commercial game, DarkEnd will be released within a few days and I recently found out there is another indie game with similar title as my game called "Dark End" which apparently started since 2011, but halted/stopped in 2012 (earlier than me). I would like to know whether I should...
  14. SomaelCK

    RPG Maker game on Andriod and iOS?

    I read it in Siliconera, a legal port! WOW! Just one question; How can I make this happen for my game too? Edit : Here is the link for the article :) : CLICK HERE It's Undefeated! If I remember correctly, made by kspj17 :D . (Huge congrats!)
  15. SomaelCK

    Please help me editing/fixing Yanfly's FTB system.

    Hello. I have been using Yanfly's Free Turn Battle System in my game. A simple, but fantastic script. However, I found two annoying glitches and my limited knowledge in scripting prevent me from fixing them. Help me out please :) - If you press -> to switch between characters, the turn is...
  16. SomaelCK

    Looking for a Script to transform enemy battler's graphic.

    Hello, I'm looking for a script which allows me to change the enemy battler's graphic during the battle. For example I want Enemy A to have two battler pictures, charged and normal, and change the pictures back and forth according to the stage. I tried with eventing using Transform Enemy...
  17. SomaelCK

    Implementing Steam features in RM games

    My game, DarkEnd, has been accepted on Steam, and got an AppID for it (Haven't set the game to live tho). I had been suggested that it's better to use Steam Features, such as Steam Trading Card, Controller Support, and etc. I have seem some RM games on Steam use Steam features also but the...
  18. SomaelCK

    A noob's questions about publisher...

    I got a contact from a certain indie game publishing company, which said they are interested in my current game project and would like to handle publishing and distribution. They said they take a percentage of the revenue generated, no upfront payment nor upfront fee. I have some questions for...
  19. SomaelCK

    Dinner Run ver 1.0 , A Ridiculously Fun Game!!!

    Kinda... Proudly Presented by Dinner Run © 2013-2014 Kodots Games       So, what's this ruddy game? Have you ever have the dream of playing a game, mindlessly repetitive but ridiculously fun? Well it's here! Dinner Run, originally a mini game from our other project is here as a FREE, stand...
  20. SomaelCK

    Monetizing in RM-made games

    There are a few questions I would like to ask about monetizing in RM-made games, other than selling directly. Is it possible to put Micro-transactions in game? Is it possible to create DLCs and add-ons and sell them separately? Thanks in advance :)

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