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  1. Llareian

    How to determine your TileID

    Tutorial topic: TileIDs, including Autotiles! Brief description: I'll be going over how to determine a tile's TileID (which is used in the map data file) using the tilesheet and the shape of the desired autotile (if applicable). This info will most likely be useful for scripters, though @Shaz...
  2. Llareian

    Looking for a good DVD player app

    Are there any decent DVD player apps out there for Windows 10? Preferably free, but cheap is also an option... Hubby needs something to play movies on his laptop. He's heard VLC Player is good, but he's not sure if the source was reputable. Thanks in advance for your responses!
  3. Llareian

    Print version number to console on boot

    Description of the Feature: Have the version number print to the console upon opening the game, similar to how the PIXI version number is currently printed to console. (This is similar to Andar's suggestion for the editor, but slightly different because that this affects the game/playtest...
  4. Llareian

    [Minor Bug] Save changes alert with no project open [1.5.1, Windows 10]

    This is a seriously minor issue (I think), but it's a bug nonetheless, so I thought I'd report it in case it hasn't been caught for the next version. If you don't save changes to your project when you close it, you will get an alert prompt to save changes when you try to start a new project...
  5. Llareian

    Suggest clarifying forum necroposting rules

    This is ultimately related to the post Request to modify a forum rule. It was in that post that @Andar clarified a point on the 30-day necroposting ban: I had no idea this was the case! The rule (as written) is: Can I suggest that if the rule is only intended to be enforced in support...
  6. Llareian

    Better way to add values to a $gameVariables array?

    I have variables that are used to store arrays of numbers. I want to be able to push new values onto those arrays (and splice them out when no longer needed). Currently I'm using the method below to push the value of variable 16 onto the array variable 15: var tempArray =...
  7. Llareian

    Script Call related to YEP_CallEvent

    Okay folks, I've been banging my head against the wall on this one for an hour. I installed YEP_CallEvent so that I can utilize the ability to load ANOTHER map's data (not the current map) and reference it using $callEventMap.'s not working so well. I set up an event script call as...
  8. Llareian

    Bug Report: Remove by Restriction (Confusion State)

    Bug Explanation: It seems that there's a bug with Remove by Restriction not acting as described, though it's possible I just don't understand what it does. I have the Confusion and Sleep states in my project. I would like Sleep to remove Confusion, if it's present. The way I'm reading it, this...
  9. Llareian

    Can't view some posts?

    Hi, here's my issue. Sometimes I get the message: RPG Maker Forums - Error You do not have permission to view this page or perform this action. But there's never an explanation of why. Most recently, I was trying to access Juliastorybored's art resource thread. She supposed that I couldn't see...
  10. Llareian

    Combining Small Maps - More or Less Efficient?

    Hi there, my question is for people who understand such things as computer resource usage and overall project disk size. (i.e., not me) Would there be a benefit (in terms of slimming down memory or disk usage) to combining multiple small maps into one large map? Or is it more efficient to have...
  11. Llareian

    Meta as variable, and related JS questions

    Hi guys. This will be my first post to Learning Javascript. I think this goes here and not in Maker Specific/RM MV because I'm asking about things dealing with the underlying code and using script calls. Please let me know if I have it in the wrong place! My question(s) deal with attempting to...
  12. Llareian

    Weapon/Armor Type "None" useless?

    Hi everyone. I want to verify that what I think I'm experiencing is true. If an armor's "Armor Type" or a weapon's "Weapon Type" is set to "None", does that mean it cannot be equipped by anyone? I had expected type of "None" to mean it could be equipped by everyone. It seems instead that if...
  13. Llareian

    Tutorial Videos Gone?

    Hi, sorry if this is kind of an obvious thing, but it seems that the update eliminated ALL of the video links in the tutorials? I didn't know if anyone was aware of it yet, but when you go to the tutorial posts, there just...aren't videos. Not even broken links at all. I'm guessing...
  14. Llareian


    Hi everyone! I started messing around with RM in VXAce, but found the lack of flexibility frustrating and I didn't really get Ruby. I have some (novice) experience coding in C++, VisualBasic, and SQL, so Javascript is actually pretty intuitive to me, plus MV just seems to have so many more...

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