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  1. Blinn

    Blinn's Corner of Curiosities

    I was originally going to share just the contents of this post but I read the rules and I'm glad I didn't. Since this is meant to be a one-per-person showcase thread, I'll probably post other things here in the future. Anyway, onto the good stuff! I was watching a video about strong character...
  2. Blinn

    Describe Your Character In 10 Moves

    As the thread suggests, the idea is to let your moves paint a picture of what your character's role in combat is and/or style and to give your character a unique flair (if he/she has one). Pick up to 10 attacks, skills, abilities, or powers that your character has (one per post, please), and...
  3. Blinn

    What's the craziest weapon you've ever seen in a video game?

    I've seen a lot of really cool, awesome, and outright strange weapons in video games before, and I'm curious to know what you've seen. I'll share a couple of mine: Guitar Rifle + Violin Gun (CSO):
  4. Blinn

    Parting words (and an apology)

    (I wrote this with sincerity and a lot of thought went into it. Please be understanding, as this wasn't an easy thing to write.) After 9 months of being on RPG Maker Web, I realize it's not for me. I feel like I've said and done a lot of things that upset and annoyed a lot of people. None of it...
  5. Blinn

    RPG Maker Let's Plays and Youtube Monetization

    I have a Youtube channel where I focus on games. I'm partnered with a network called Legacy Studios, which allows me to earn ad revenue from my content creation. I look specifically for games where the publisher or owner allows people to monetize gaming videos that feature their games. It's not...
  6. Blinn

    I just realized something after Skype went down today

    After seeing Skype go down, I realized that the internet has a "gravitational pull" of its own, and if left unchecked, it can become so strong, it's hard to escape. When something goes wrong, and you're so closely attached to the apps, the social media, and the games you've gotten used to...
  7. Blinn

    The time has come, people (decision reversed)

    I'm leaving the gaming industry to answer a higher calling. I just found it too frustrating and unrewarding to pursue. Instead, I'm going into film and animation, where I can start a new journey to create an animated show that tells a story I want to tell. For those of you who are wondering...
  8. Blinn

    Here's a Pay It Forward trick I just learned

    If you have a friend who is able to monetize their Youtube videos and you've got some time to kill, play your friend's videos and let the ads play while you do other things. You'll help him earn some money, it doesn't cost you anything, and you don't have to sit through all the ads while you're...
  9. Blinn

    I have made a complete mess of my life and I feel horrible :(

      I'll be honest, I feel like taking a gun and shooting every one of my creative endeavors in the head. I don't want to think about them anymore, I'm not happy with my work, and it's bringing continuous frustration and problems. And I've just realized I'm giving all my money away to people on...
  10. Blinn

    Venting through quotes Thread

    It takes more energy than I have to talk about my issues. I would rather just vent in silence as if nothing ever happened. (Now it's your turn. Feel free to comment or reply to someone else's quote.) EDIT: (Think of it as a way to "encrypt" your personal problems so nobody knows the exact...
  11. Blinn

    Foreign countries that influence your music creation

    Needless to say Japan heads the top of the list. But what other ethnic influences can be found in your music? :) I was just listening to Georgian folk music and I've always wondered how many people draw their inspiration from an unusual source. What are yours?
  12. Blinn

    What I do with sound effects

    These sounds are handmade and made from scratch, either recorded from my microphone or designed in Audacity (mostly). Here's a few examples: Uniques United (RPG Maker VX Ace) ^ Everything you hear in this video was made by hand. Blinncraft (Minecraft Resource Pack) Homemade Drums (Sounds I...
  13. Blinn

    Game difficulty settings that change enemy AI

    Hi there! I've looked around the forums for a bit for a script that lets you modify enemy AI behavior depending on what difficulty setting you choose. In my case, I want to put in 3 modes: Monster Intelligence - Normal, Smart, Devious Normal changes nothing. Smart checks the monsters' stats...
  14. Blinn

    Uniques United: Search for Lost Family

    As of August 1st, 2015, this project is no longer being worked on. It was never meant to be an RPG, and development has been brought to a stalemate. There will be a Uniques United game in the future, but it'll more closely resemble a stealth game with elements of mystery, adventure, RPG, and...
  15. Blinn

    Sound Designer at your service :)

    Hey there everyone, I'm Blinn. I'm a sound designer by trade, but I also love to write stories, mod games, and I have a very keen interest in foreign languages - I can read Cyrillic and can even speak a bit of Serbian. I was born and raised in the UK. I bought RPG Maker VX Ace as I really...

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